May 27

RAW. VEGAN. NOT GROSS. Great Recipes. Great Advice. No Kale Necessary!


I refuse to eat kale, besides drink a kale infused recipe of anything. That’s how I went into Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. Laura Miller changed my mind. Okay, I’m still not going to eat kale, because it tastes like something green and gross, and basically tasteless. But I have to say Laura Miller’s mind-opening ideas on eating raw and vegan is not 100 percent about eating food that will have you looking like a scrawny waste-oid.

Miller tells readers, how she got to where she is today eating healthy foods, which we may not have considered such as pairing raw foods together such as avocado with grapefruit and collard greens with all kinds of delicious vegetables. Miller’s recipes make eating raw and vegan a good thing not a jumping over the edge kind of thing.

Miller stresses we do not have to jump into eating all natural foods for every meal. Instead she suggests we do what we want to do that makes us feel comfortable. Eat one healthy raw meal a week, or one a day. We don’t have to eat all raw all the time. My take is we’d be shocking our bodies into insanity-ville, if we jumped into eating all raw, vegan food all the time. It would not be pretty!

I started loving vegetables and fruits in the last seven years to the point where I want to have veggies or fruit with every meal, making Raw. Vegan. Not Gross the book I’m loving right now. Anything but kale is fine with me such as her recipes of Collard green wraps with spicy dipping sauce, Avocado Fruit bowls, Orange-watercress salad and many more yummy food delights.

Her suggestions are point on, of buying what we feel is necessary to create these delicious recipes. If we want to buy the less expensive blenders or buy the more expensive blenders, like a Vitamix, then Miller says, “Go for it.”. She also says that eating raw, vegan foods doesn’t have to be expensive; we can buy the food we want at our local grocery stores or we can grow our own. Momzinga.com

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