Apr 11


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Sam Elliott has starred, appeared or narrated in a movie for almost every year since he began his storied acting career in 1968. Sam Elliott is 71 years old, looks younger–except for the white hair, and is in dang good shape for a man his age. His rugged good looks, and his low, sultry voice combined with his sense of timing, sense of humor and great attitude are what keeps this good looing Manslice Monday guy ready for just about anything. Currently, Elliott stars in Ashton Kutcher’s The Ranch on Netflix, which after you get past he obnoxious laugh track is funnier than all get out!!

Hilarious! I’m hoping it is renewed for a second season, because then I get my Manslice Monday male quota in for the week—Ashton Kutcher stars on The Ranch also!


Sam Elliot started acting in TV shows in 1968 in Felony Squad and moved to the big screen way back in the time machine of life in 1969 as an extra(essentially) in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. He met his wife who starred in Butch Cassidy the love interest of the two male stars, Katharine Ross. From there it was all uphill with Sam Elliott starring in over 40 movies, including The Hulk in 2003 as General Ross, Grandma in 2015, the voice of the Dodge Ram ads, the narrator in The Big Lebowski. Elliott starred in the original Mission Impossible TV show back in 1970, as a doctor for 13 episodes.

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Recently he starred in FX Network’s Justified and is hamming it up big time as the set in his ways Dad on Netflix’s The Ranch. Momzinga.com!

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