Mar 11

Smarter, THINNER, Happier: How to Become Pretty Happy, AND SEXIER TOO!!



Even though Pretty Happy is not a tell all bio, Hudson does tell all–she tells us how to become happy with our bodies and how to make our entire bodies, including our minds better. So I guess we can say , this is a tell -all book. She’s literally telling all of us how to make our bodies and minds better! AND SEXIER!!

Hudson gives us information to create happier, healthier, well toned bodies and happier, smarter minds with her worldly advice.

She is not a doctor, or a health guru, but Hudson lives what she suggests. Apparently it’s working for her, because she is always smiling, confident happy and has abs of steel. And by the way she does not preach, yell or nag us into following what she lives. Hudson gently guides readers smoothly along into what she does each day and what we can do if we choose to. She literally offers information for our entire bodies and our minds.

Basically Hudson offers a wealth of helpful information combining yoga, stretching, exercises, drinking water, eating healthy foods, using meditation, a large white board/diary, and many other concepts helping us become happier. She literally tells readers we have the power to decide what we eat, drink, do everyday.

She is only suggesting ways we can become healthier in body, mind and spirit. Hudson is not endorsing any hidden agenda here. She is not selling diet drinks, or a paid plan or certain foods we have to eat every day. Hudson is simply suggesting what we do everyday.

Pretty Happy is a book to glance at daily to learn what the right food choices are, how many meals to eat everyday, how to do exercises that are fun, stimulating and sexy. And oh yeah, there is so much more.

I feel smarter, thinner and sexier already! Momzinga.com

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