Jan 14

Shred Power Cleanse: Powerhouse of Nutritional Information: Lose Weight and Get Healthy!

ian smith


The Shred Power Cleanse by Ian K. Smith M.D. is a seriously easy book to read AND TO follow, gives step by step instructions on how to follow the 2 week cleanse plan, contains over 50 smoothie, salad and healthy meals recipes, includes a weekend cleansing plan and includes the now famous Purple Power Detox Smoothie.

The Shred Power Cleanse is very easy to follow; the 2 week cleanse program is spelled out for readers in day by day details. Included are what to eat at what times, with healthy snack options and exercise suggestions ranging from 30 minutes to 45 minutes—with suggested variations of workouts.


Smith has written other books about weight lose and cleansing out the body by drinking smoothies and by eating super healthy foods like kale, carrots, cherries, almonds, blueberries, chia seeds, flaxseed and other vitamin powerhouses. Eleven food powerhouses of nutrition are detailed in the first chapter. Apparently bee pollen, chia seeds, ginger, flaxseed, spinach, oats and hemp are so powerfully enriching according to Smith , we should be including these foods in our daily diets to not only cleanse our bodies , but to get healthy and stay healthy.


I have not tried  the 2- week Shred Power Cleanse, but it does look like a program that will make a body healthier, stronger, and slimmer. Just by eating the Powerhouse 11 foods, any body would instantly become healthier. I enjoyed how Smith adds interesting nutritional information about the Powerhouse 11 foods, such as what vitamins each contains, how ginger fights inflammation, and flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Ian smith is an accomplished author having written 13 books now, being a # 1 bestselling author on The New York Times list. Smith appears regularly on The Rachael Ray Show, was a co-host on The Doctors, and was also on Celebrity Fit Club for six seasons. Momzinga.com.

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