Dec 11

How Can You Get a Better Life? Change Your ‘Tude!


Shift for Good, by Tory Johnson is not just a continuation of her first book The Shift; detailing her weight lose experience, but is a life experience book. Johnson talks about business, gives life advice and tells readers how to make life better by doing something different.

What really, truly drew me into Tory Johnson’s book, who does a segment on Good Morning America called Steals and Deals, and who was on The Talk for two years, is Tory’s enthusiasm, her personality, her love of life, her drive, her determination, her hard work ethic, her realization that after losing 70 pounds, life was still not perfect. Even though she is married to a terrific guy, has twins, a step son, lives in the biggest and best city in all of America, she realized that she needed to do some work on her inner self to make her life better.

Believe it or not after losing 70 pounds she felt kind of empty—pun intended. Johnson felt like she was still “Fat Tory” who was bullied in school. She felt like she wasn’t done. She felt she needed to keep going, to keep improving. She needed to transform herself into a happier person by not working harder, but by working smarter, getting more sleep, trying new relaxation techniques, spending more time in the present; not wishing for a better life and daydreaming life away.

Tory Johnson’s life and business advice is inspired, engaging, open, funny and intelligently spoken in a simple, easy to read book. Shift for Good is definitely a book for every mom to read to discover a better life. Momzinga.com

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