Nov 23

Manslice Monday: Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Aka Andrew Lincoln

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MANSLICE MONDAY—How to survive a zombie apocalypse—-

Andrew Lincoln portrays the self reliant, hero, Rick Grimes and longest living survivor on the seriously popular TV show, The Walking Dead. Lincoln really makes audiences believe he is former cop goes hardy/rational/lives through it all good looking zombie apocalypse survivor Rick Grimes.

His character and the dynamic between his wife Lori and their son compel viewers to tune in every week , just like we did for Breaking Bad, to see how Grimes gets his family, himself and a bunch of strangers who become family, to discover how he gets everyone still alive and intact to the next episode. Grimes helps his family and his new family to stay alive in an almost impossible situation!

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Scary, gross, crude, at times funny, Walking Dead takes you from the edge of life onto an entirely unreal but could be real scenario. Lincoln does it with what looks like ease. To think that Lincoln’s character is based off a comic book character amazes us, but hey we’re not going to be snobby here.

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Andrew Lincoln was born in London. England in 1973 and has a really strange real life name of Andrew James Clutterbuck. He started acting on British TV in 1994, has appeared and starred in numerous movies and TV shows in America and in England before landing his big role as Grimes on The Walking Dead. Lincoln is married in real life, and must maintain a skinny weight where he has to continually be on the move for his role as Rick Grimes.

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    no sorry he was’nt born in london .He was born in hull

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