Nov 03

Naughtier Than Nice; Talk, Have Sex, Talk, Have Sex, Throw in Political Message

eric jerome dickme

One Night was a truly well written, decent read about two people meeting at a gas station. A woman down on her luck, I felt for the heroine in One Night. I can’t say the same for the characters in Erie Jerome Dickey’s newest book, Naughtier Than Nice.
Nice may seem like a decent takeoff of a Christmas themed book, but it’s not. It’s Much Ado About Nothing.


I was all down with it, enjoying the book—sort of, seems all anybody does in Dickey’s books talk, have sex, talk have sex. I started skipping the sex scenes, because I didn’t want to read about any more female or male body parts. Reading along, I started seeing more than just a pattern in Naughtier Than Nice—which is part two of Naughty or Nice, I started becoming bored with it all. Nothing was happening except three exceptionally beautiful, hard working, well to do McBroom sisters who are players to the extreme. Each sister is continually having sex with whatever moves. The problem was that was the storyline—talk, have sex, talk have sex. Okay, so Dickey writes porn books. That’s great.

But when an author who is writing entertaining—not this time around, books the author should not slip in political motives into the book about white cops killing young black men in the back for sport. I did not enjoy the sudden throwing in of a helicopter flying overhead at night while two characters sit outside wondering if their relationship will continue with one character talking about white cops killing innocent , young black men and how black lives matter. I always felt all lives matter and one race is NOT better than any other race. I became irritated and felt I did not want to read any more Eric Jerome Dickey books.

Naughtier Than Nice is exactly that—everyone is beautiful, rich beyond compare, sexy, confident players who will not take crap from anyone. But to suddenly stick a slight message about racism, and then do it again , and yet again, I felt the need to add Dickey to my boycott list with many other Liberal celebrities. Momzinga.com

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