Oct 21

The Vitamix Cookbook: Not Just Another Cookbook; It’s So Much More


The Vitamix Cookbook will become the only cookbook you will ever need, look at, refer to, create delicious recipes from. And as an added bonus the Vitamix family will throw in a healthy new body and mind for you as well.

The Vitamix family started in 1921 with Mom and Dad Barnard tinkering in their kitchen and I imagine in a toolshed with Grandma devising, creating various kinds of recipes, and with Grandpa figuring out how to make a living. First he sold can openers door to door, and then he sold blenders door to door. Soon after the hardworking, crafty duo created the Vitamix blender that practically makes healthy foods on it’s own.

And that’s not the entire story. Fourth generation great granddaughter of William Barnard, Jodi Berg, who is president and CEO of Vitamix designed a book chock full of 250 delicious, healthy whole foods recipes, with beautiful pictures. And Jodi does more than just toss out delicious recipes, she also tells the story of how Vitamix came to be a family operation, how the Barnard kids worked for their parents each summer and had fun doing it. Berg tells the story of how her father made the first infomercial way back in 1949 on TV.

In other words, The Vitamix Cookbook is not just a cookbook, it’s so much more; it’s a story of how two people started a new, successful business, using whole foods, not processed foods that is still working wonders today. Oh yeah and there are 250 delightfully healthy recipes to follow in this cookbook. Included in the book are recipes spanning the generations of making food in not just a blender, but a Vitamix blender that is different than a blender. You can create pasta, bread, muffins, entire meals, healthy drinks, pancakes, snacks, soup, dessert and so much more with a Vitamix blender.

Jodi Berg also stresses that the Vitamix blender be used to create healthy meals out of whole foods, incorporating nuts, vegetables, fruit, honey, seeds, wheat flour. Create different, but healthy cereals, various breads, muffins, snacks, appetizers, salads, soups, drinks, and even entrees.

Here’s a warning: do not read this book when you are hungry, because you will become hungrier, and you may end up ripping the pages out of The Vitamix Cookbook and eat them! Momzinga.com

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