Feb 21

Momzinga’s Finally Friday is Happy From Pharrel Williams!!


It’s Finally Friday MOMS!! I believe every day is another day God has gifted us with living life to the umpteenth degree. Fridays are usually my best day of work. My mind suddenly relaxes as well as my body suddenly feels like I exhaled a breath savoring a fine glass of wine.

Friday, is the best day of the week. This means I can get tons of work done without interruption, and my mind allows that to happen by releasing tons of happy hormones throughout my body.

Today, do your self a favor, and while you are working listen to some happy music that makes you feel like dancing. Sing a happy song like ‘Happy’ from Pharrel Williams to make you feel happy. Listen to the Stones song sung, (sort of), by Keith Richards, of “Happy”. “I need a love to keep me happy, Baby.”

Let out your tensions, and that weekly stress of working by dancing with your kids, or by yourself at home.(You might get fired for turning up the tunes, dancing all over the office. Copyright(c) 2014!WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM

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