Sep 09

Make Meals in a Mug in 5 Minutes in Your Microwave?

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What a great idea. Make that over 100 great ideas. I love this book! A recipe book filled to the absolute edge with numerous colorful, beautiful mugs brimming with delightfully tasty, slightly decadent, hearty, good, wonderful, delicious foods! All made in a mug, with no mess, no fuss, in 5 minutes!

MUG MEALS written, designed and recipes created by chef Leslie Bilderback made me so hungry, that I felt inspired to cook various mug meals. Basically it’s a very simple, yet brilliant idea—-you can create meals for either one person or your entire family in large mugs or small bowls. All of the recipes —including breakfasts, and desserts were overflowing in the mugs.

Bilderback showcases so many recipes including: pasta, meatloaf, shrimp scampi, chili, pancakes, grits, fried green tomatoes, cheesecake, Irish stew to various soups—all made in a mug in your microwave in five minutes. Each recipes is very easy to make, there aren’t any pots and pans to scrub after the meal, and you usually only get one mug dirty. How can you argue with that?

With 50 pictures, over 100 delightful recipes, Bilderback makes your mouth water. I for one can’t wait for her next recipe book—maybe of more MUG MEALS. I’ve got to go, I’m starving!

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