Sep 01

The Woman Who Stole My Life: Not What You Think it Really Is—-It’s Better!

women who stole


I thought The Woman Who Stole My Life was going to be a get back at that bitch kind of book for stealing my house, my husband and my kids. I thought it was going to be a movie-like kind of thriller, but it is not this kind of book at all. The Woman Who Stole My Life is not a thriller, but it is kind of a thrill to read. Life is funny, interesting, fast going, a certain beach read that can be read anywhere, anytime.

Woman Who Stole My Life is probably not what you think it really is—it is so much better. Marian Keyes has two stories going at first, then adds another one giving the book it’s almost certain conclusion.

I thoroughly enjoyed Woman Who Stole My Life. I found myself laughing out loud, enjoying the entertainment value, and discovering a bit of the characters already in my life. Stella is in all of us—almost every woman has lived through a traumatic situation, a life threatening event, has kids that are difficult to deal with, and a husband who can be a pain in the ass. At times we all are a pain in the ass—that’s what makes life more challenging and interesting after all.

Stella’s husband is a selfish lout who creates stylish bathrooms for a good living, while Stella works with her high strung sister. Stella does a good deed by letting a driver ahead of her, and gets hit from behind, is initially okay, but suddenly loses all ability to use every muscle in her body. She literally becomes a prisoner in her own body, meets and falls in love with her kind hearted doctor who is married to a selfish high society lady, who should be married to Stella’s husband instead of Stella. Stella has to bring every muscle through sheer torture to go back to living outside the hospital walls.

Marian Keyes manages to create a beautifully written book about what seems like a real person, who lives a real life that is anything but ordinary. Stella writes a bestseller about her near death experience and coming back from the almost dead. And Keyes does it so well, with humor, carrying readers along on a life raft of expert writing style.

I loved The Woman Who Stole My Life. This book is most definitely a book for super busy moms to read. I can’t wait for the next Marian Keyes book to come out! Momzinga.com

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