Aug 24


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Watching Graceland is not a trip into thinking-land, where you have to really pay attention to the show’s six main characters figuring out what they need to do next, take action, essentially putting themselves in danger.

Aaron Tveit who stars as Mike Warren in Graceland, is no doubt a good looking guy, who starts out as a newbie, quickly learning how to manipulate people to get what he wants.


That’s why I love watching Graceland because every main character is extremely good looking, each has major charisma, and viewers can sit back , relax and not have to overthink what is happening. Graceland is not your typical detective show.

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Aaron Tveit is only 31 years old—is good looking, and multi-talented. Tveit has starred in many Broadway productions—Rent, and Catch Me if You can. Tveit, was born in Middleton, New York, is of Swedish ancestry, currently stars as Agent Mike Warren in Graceland. Tveit starred on Gossip Girl, appearing on Ugly Betty, and has made other appearances on TV shows, and Broadway plays.
Can’t wait to see what Aaron Tveit does next! Momzinga.com

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