Feb 18

Momzinga’s Third Manslice Monday: Daniel Craig!


Something has to be said about a man wearing a suit.
Whenever I see the very British sexy Bond, Daniel Craig, I suddenly feel my knees getting weak. Daniel Craig is an incredibly good looking guy whether he has a suit on or whether he has slipped out of it, to take a shower with a Bond girl.

Who cares whether he wears a suit or not, just as long as the blue eyed, blond haired Craig stays in Bond movies for the rest of the Bond series. So far, Craig’s latest Bond thriller, Skyfall was the highest grossing Bond flick of them all. He may not be tall, Momzingaites, but he certainly is a muscular 46 year old Casino Royale kind of guy!Copyright(c)2014!WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM

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