May 27

Not Just Recipes – The Plantpower Way: How to Live Your Dream Life!

plant power way

After reading The Plantpower Way I noticed six people who are truly living the dream. Yes, they have a beautiful home, a beautiful backyard swimming pool. Rich Roll his wife Julie Piatt and their four kids all look healthy, fit, relaxed and happy. They are living the dream they set out to live. Rich was a high-powered lawyer finding himself unable to go up the stairs at work anymore because he was overweight, unhealthy, and very close to dying a horrible, early death.

Then after completely transforming his life, with the help of his wife, Julie, the dynamic duo did the unthinkable—he quit his job, and she set out to working harder in the kitchen. Julie had already been creating beautiful, healthy, restorative meals out of plants, but Rich wanted no part of it. He was addicted to junk food.

You can tell by reading The Plantpower Way, that Rich and Julie are not just posers. They are living the life of two vegans. Whoops, make that six vegans. Rich was addicted to junk food, that was literally killing him. With Julie’s help, he lost the extra weight and soon became a world-class athlete. With four healthy, inventive, imaginative, beautiful children living the an alternative lifestyle, Rich and Julie paved the way for numerous other families to do the same.

What I got from Plantpower Way is two people who are not forcing you to change your life, they are simply suggesting by example, to get people to realize that eating plants much as our forefathers did numerous years ago, will change your life. By eating plant-based foods, not processed junk food, you will become healthier, happier, lose that extra fat, and you will want to work out, much as Julie and Rich do. Rich runs in marathons, and has been named one of the Fittest Men in the World by Men’s Fitness. If he can do it, so can you! Julie is a chef, yogi, singer, songwriter, and mother of four children.

The Plantpower Way is not just another recipe book. No, it is far from that! Rich and Julie have opened up their lives for us to look at, not just the beautiful pictures, but you will feel closer to two extraordinary people. The pictures are beautiful. The life lessons are interesting, and the story that unfolds before you is rewarding.

Julie has made the recipes easy to follow and easy to make. Now if only I can get my meat loving husband to stop eating processed junk, and start eating plant-based foods, losing that belly in his midsection! Copyright (c) 2015! Written by Momzinga.com.

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