May 21

Bob Harper Changes Lives With Skinny Habits!

skinny habits

Bob Harper will change your life. For the better. All you have to do is buy his book, Skinny Habits: The 6 Secrets of Thin People. Skinny Habits by Bob Harper teaches you how to change your bad habits, your bad behavior by replacing them with good lifelong habits. The good habits you recondition your body to perform, start with changing the way you think, how you eat and how you live your life. It may sound kind of complicated at first, but Harper really makes it all very easy to follow, and very easy to understand.

At first Skinny Habits is kind of dull because Harper talks about how your brain works, and how you need to understand how it works to change the way you think. He explains in detail the six secrets of thin people. I’ve seen most of these ideas before in different books. It’s pretty much everything we learn as kids going through school. But Harper takes all of this information, writes a book with the more important information, shortens it, makes it easy to understand and leaves out all the scientific mumbo-jumbo.

I enjoyed discovering how to replace old habits with new, more positive habits. Harper even tells you how to change your thinking; how to make plans in a positive manner. He will have you not saying, “Oh I am such a Bimbo for eating those fattening cookies.” He will have you instead thinking, “From now on instead of eating cookies after dinner, I will eat more filling vegetables with dinner, so that I am fuller and more satisfied.”

Harper and cowriter Greg Critser tell readers how to plan to lose weight and how to eat healthier foods. I’ll tell you this secret —it’s in making several small plans adding up to long-term goals. Harper and Critser even include helpful, healthy information on how to obtain better sleeping, and exercising habits.

I loved Skinny Habits: The 6 Secrets of Thin People. Use it to lose weight, become healthier, and use this book to create a better life. You can use all of the rules, plans, habits to make your brain a wealth of information, you can use in any facet of your life!Copyright (c) 2015! Written By Momzinga.com

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