May 14

The Food We Eat Makes Us Fatter: The Dorito Effect


The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker will have you devouring this book as fast as possible, running into your kitchen throwing out almost every food you bought. You will switch to buying whole foods. Schatzker tells how our food is scientifically and chemically engineered to grow as fast and as cheaply as possible. Most of the supposedly healthy foods we eat today are anything but healthy. Chicken, pork, corn, tomatoes, supposedly healthy all natural cereals are anything but natural. All of the foods we consume that we buy at grocery stores, to what we eat at restaurants are not real food. It is chemically infused, overly flavored, genetically engineered substances that can’t possibly be called food. And it makes us fatter!


Dorito Effect tells how food back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was actually real food. Farmers used many acres of land to grow tomato plants, corn stalks, to feed pigs, cows, etc. Then along came people who figured out in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s how to take those same acres of land and grow more food, faster. In the process with more food being grown, natural flavors in the food disappeared. An entire industry soon cropped up, (nice pun huh?), devoted to creating chemically induced flavorings. At first it was just salt, pepper, garlic powder, and butter flavoring. Cooks from the early 1900’s only used salt and pepper to cook with. Today’s food is not food, but junk soused with seasonings, flavorings, spices. and that junk if fattening. We end up eating more of this food, to get more flavor. Then we gain more weight!


What is happening according to Schatzker is more Americans are becoming obese at an alarming rate. This is all due to the food we eat. And it isn’t just because we have so much junk food to choose from. It’s because our food has become junk. Our food is produced so fast now, it is filled with chemicals, water and carbohydrates. Carbs break down into sugar. This is how we gain weight. No wonder our kids can’t sit still in school! No wonder we are gaining weight so easily. No wonder we are becoming obese and getting diabetes at an alarming rate. We reach middle age and take pills to combat what we thought were healthy foods we were eating for 40 or 50 years. No wonder pharmaceutical companies are billion dollar industries. It’s in our food.

Our food is not healthy or natural to eat anymore. Schatzker literally decides to not eat any more unhealthy foods, including junk food, and loses weight and becomes healthier. He notices his taste buds changing and he starts craving REAL food—not the mass produced stuff we buy at grocery stores or eat at restaurants.

The Dorito Effect will change your attitude about food–hopefully in a positive way. Read this book, switch to whole foods, make your own meals, grow your own produce. You will soon realize exactly what Mark Schatzker is talking about! Copyright(c) 2015! Written by Momzinga.com

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