May 12

Looking For Healthy Solutions? You Just Found It Right Here—The Suja Juice Solution

suja juice

I’ve read, and reviewed about 10 maybe 15 books this year on becoming healthier. This is the one book I have found so far this year, that has what you REALLY need to become healthier—-The Suja Juice Solution.

I read the Food Babe’s Way, The Gene Therapy Plan and other books that had me shaking in my boots. Food Babe carried on about all the bad things contained in our food—which is nearly everything unless you only eat whole foods, which are plant based, non chemical, non processed foods. The Gene Therapy Plan had great ideas, but I’m thinking the Dr. Gaynor took too much information from other books, magazines, sources, throwing them in a book to confuse readers.

Then along came The Suja Juice Solution, written by Annie Lawless and Jeff Church. Combined, Lawless and Church write an easy to understand, easy to follow book you can literally glide through in one day. You’re going to want to read it numerous times to get all of the information and 75 super easy to follow recipes. Finally , somebody gets it!!

I love this book. Lawless and Church do not scare you by telling all of the bad processed, sugar-laden foods we consume. They do not scare us into wanting to not eat any food ever again by telling exactly what nasty chemicals are contained in our foods. NO, they do the opposite. They tell how we should eat, and drink to create healthier, stronger, nutritionally sound, more muscular, thinner, younger looking, clearer thinking people by following their 28 day plan.

Lawless and Church have designed a 28 day plan—starting a 7 day plan of juicing and what natural foods to eat to cleanse our digestive system, our pallets, and ultimately our bodies. They designed an easy to follow plan. They do not throw in all kinds of unwanted older information. They do not warn us to NOT eat processed foods. They do not tell us to send nasty emails to BIG food processing companies. The duo suggests what we should do to become healthier, what we need to drink and what we need to eat.

Suja Juice Solution simply tells you what to do to become healthier. They do not scare the Bejesus out of you to get you to stop eating processed foods. Lawless actually had eczema and digestive issues as a teenager. After taking all kinds of drugs for her problems and many expensive doctor’s visits later, she tried something different. She started juicing, immediately becoming healthier, feeling better and more alive than ever before simply by changing what she ate. The food she was eating was poisoning her body, making her body fight itself to rid it of the invaders.

The Suja Juice Solution was a thrill to read. I discovered many new positive ways to make my body a healthy body. Copyright (C) 2015! Written by Momzinga.com

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