Feb 11

Momzinga’s Second Manslice Monday is Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, the man who made Captain Jack Sparrow a funny, likeable, sexy captain, is Momzinga’s second Manslice Monday!

We can all dream can’t we?

Johnny Depp, who is 51 years old, starred in many movies over his illustrious acting career including 21 Jump Street,(1987), Edward Scissorshands in 1990, and as the drunk sounding, and acting Captain Sparrow, in Pirates of the Caribbean. Seemed like he was going for a Keith Richards role! Johnny Depp also dated some famous women, such as model Kate Moss, and actress Winona Ryder.

I could not find a shirtless pic of Johnny Depp for Manslice Monday—kind of irritated me! Copyright (c) 2014! MOMZINGA.COM

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