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THINKING THURSDAY:What Will Set Your World On Fire?

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Many people ask themselves why their lives suck every day. I used to ask myself this question every day when I got up every morning, working at various jobs I hated. My days off were spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house, shuttling my kids around and visiting with unhappy relatives.

Essentially I thought my life sucked. When I looked in the mirror, I saw someone I did not like. I was mad at myself for not living the life I wanted. I was unhappy.
Maybe you feel unhappy about your life.
If you are not happy and have a hard time looking yourself in the mirror every morning, then it is time to change that. You might not like what you see, and buying everything you desire, getting a face lift, getting Botox will not change the way you feel inside.


Take control of your life. If you want a better life, take responsibility and get a better life. Stop blaming everyone else for your life problems. Your parents aren’t to blame for your divorce. Go back to school if you want a better job. No one will hand you a better job, a bigger house or more clothing and perfect hair.


Taking POSITIVE action helps you get what you want in life. Taking negative action will only return negative action. Yelling at your spouse or your kids will only create more unhappiness, hatred, negative feelings. But when you send out positive feelings, positive energy—usually positive feelings come back to you. Getting a better job takes positive action. My husband continually expressed positive feelings about life in general and I negated whatever he said.

After moving to another town, I remained very negative and unwilling to change, very much like the people in the town we lived in. I discovered I couldn’t change other people , so I decided to change myself. That’s when I started writing. That’s when I really, truly started growing up. That’s when I realized life doesn’t suck—after a series of crappy things happened to me, and I almost died, I decided to live a better life.

I know I sound like I’m selling you something, or I sound like a sermon you see on a religious show. I decided to take responsibility for myself and my life by striving to do better, by doing more, by planning my future and by living in the moment.
Writing set my world on fire. Writing set me free, What will set you free? Copyright (c) 2015!WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM.


  1. Raymond Alexander Kukkee

    This is a very good post, Kate. MORE people should read this. I hope they pick up on it from your RSS feed on my sidebar on IncomingBytes.com “:)

    1. kjohnsinxs@yahoo.com

      Thanks Ray!! I’m working at writing better posts.

      1. Raymond Alexander Kukkee

        And your posts are getting better all the time “:)

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