Mar 21

Food Porn, And So Much More: It Was Me All Along

it was me


WARNING!!It Was Me all along should come with a WARNING LABEL attached saying: ‘WARNING do not read late at night because you will become incredibly hungry!’ You may wake up the next morning a dishelved mess, with chocolate frosting all over your face—and no memory of how it got there.

When I started reading It Was Me All Along, I became irritated. I cynically said, “I can’t read this book. She just talks endlessly about food. She describes food to the umpteenth degree. She’s making me hungry.” I think I gained 10 pounds just reading this book!

Two months later, I picked up Andie’s food porn book. Suddenly, I felt completely different about It Was Me All Along. I figured I could always learn something new, open up my mind going with it. You see, my mind had been closed to what Andrea Mitchell was saying.

Suddenly it all seemed very interesting; the path, the direction her life had taken. At the beginning of the book she sounds like a little girl. As she grows up her voice takes on a completely different sound. It was weird at first. Although, I thought Andie incessantly described food.

But I saw it was all necessary to Andie’s story.

Andie ate to make her world better. She was a lonely kid, coming home to no one, with her older brother out playing sports, Mom at work, Dad having died too young. She had to feed herself dinner which meant eating a box of cereal, or an entire pizza by herself. Andie tells the story of how she ends up becoming seriously overweight— how at 20 she weighed 268 pounds.

It was at this point, she decided to lose weight, and come to grips with her food addiction. After losing 135 pounds, Mitchell still felt like a mess inside and had problems with food. She sought therapy, which helped. But not to the extent of becoming a healthy person in her mind. She started on a new life journey as a healthy, thinner person, and thus her real life story begins.

When Andie started telling this part of the story I truly became fascinated with It Was Me All Along. The story became riveting. All Along went from being all about food to a life story of how she changed her life to become a better person. She figured many things out.I just wanted to get away from the delectable descriptions of delicious foods, because she was making me hungry! Now I just have to lose the extra ten pounds I gained reading this book!
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