Jan 21

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Rationing of Cough Medicine During Flu Season!


This is the most unreal thing I’ve ever heard. Well okay not really, there are a lot more things that are unimaginable happening every day. Now that flu season is affecting ALL Americans, with the virus having taken over every state, pharmacies in California are rationing cough medicine with codeine in it, because they can’t make it fast enough to keep up with demand. Why aren’t pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of this opportunity and making more cough medicine during peak flu season?

Pharmacies in the San Francisco are rationing the cough syrup that doctors prescribe for upper respiratory infections due to the severe flu season.

Because so many people have nasty coughs associated with the flu season, patients are likely to only receive half the dosage doctors prescribe.

The pharmacists at a San Francisco Walgreen said they are so strapped for the prescription medication Promethazine, which contains codeine, that they have been rationing it out to patients.
My advice to you is to not get the flu this year, considering the flu vaccine this year is only 23 percent effective, or to run to a pharmacy now and buy cough medicine—just in case the stores run out of the over the counter stuff too! Copyright (c) 2015!

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