Dec 15

Pegasus: Danielle Steel has a Hit on Her Hands!

Pegasus A Novel (Danielle Steel)
Danielle Steel has sold over 800 million books, won numerous awards and has had her books made into movies. Her books have been translated into numerous languages and she has been married five times. She also uses her background, her knowledge of life, and her five marriages in her books, but does not let on to anyone that she uses her real life in her books.

Pegasus was a completely different Danielle Steel book. When I started reading it, I figured it would be yet another in a series of Danielle Steel books that have a young teenage girl who is slight in frame, fragile, her parents were murdered, and she lived in sin with a much older, stronger, he-man that made love to her with a strength and devotion only a he-man could.

I am happy to say Pegasus is NOT that kind of Danielle Steel book. Pegasus is ultimately about a horse that finds his way home. Pegasus is about two families and two strong family leaders who live in Nazi Germany in 1935. The families live in the German countryside living a royal, rich life of spoiled wealth; not having to really work for a living, having servants until Hitler starts his campaign to get rid of all the Jewish people. He also gets rid of everyone who isn’t an Aryan , blond-haired, muscular, German.

Nick and his two sons flee Germany to join an American circus in Florida. It sounds hilarious, actually is—to think a rich guy with 6 beautiful Lippanzer horses, two are Arabians, travel to the United States and join the circus. Nick falls in love with a much younger woman, (of course), who is strong-willed, whose family desperately needs her to carry on the family tradition of a high wire act.MOMZINGA.COM

This is perhaps the first Danielle Steel book that I truly enjoyed reading. It was funny, over the top at times, but not all about how ” he took her in his strong but gentle arms. He caressed her agile, young, soft body.”
There is some of that stuff in this book, but Steel combines her way over the top romantic notions with strong men and strong, determined women.

Momzinga enjoys the way Danielle Steel brought Nazi Germany history together combining it with two wealthy families that do whatever it takes to ensure their families are safe, and the beautiful horses are well taken care of.
Pegasus is seriously easy to read; you are propelled along by a seasoned, talented writer. I read it in one day!Copyright (c)2014!MOMZINGA.COM

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