Dec 08

DEADPOOL:Ryan Reynolds:Momzinga’s Manslice Monday!


Ryan Reynolds is a well-known actor, who starred in numerous movies and has married two high profile actresses. He’s good-looking, is muscular, tan, hails from Canada, and has excelled in spades with his highly sought after career, of acting.

Ryan Reynolds is also most importantly, this week’s MOMZINGA.COM’S MANSLICE MONDAY!
Reynolds hails from British Columbia, Canada, and was born in October of 1976. At just 14 years, he old he starred in a Canadian soap opera made by local teens. Reminds you of Wayne’s World, kind of sort of, doesn’t it?


Success for Reynolds has skyrocketed him to major famedom, as he starred in a major star vehicle; The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, and in The Green Lantern back in 2011. He also has married two well known actresses, one being Scarlett Johansson. They were married for three years. My husband kept saying throughout their short marriage, “What does he have that I don’t?”

82nd Annual Academy Awards

Currently Ryan Reynolds whose name sounds fake and current wife Blake Lively have one child together. Her name sounds like a porn star’s name. Reynold’s real name is even more hilarious–Ryan Rodney Reynolds. With a name like that, he was destined to be picked on by other kids at school or for movie star fame.

Another note: good-looking Reynolds starred in an X-Men flick–he dated Alanis Morrisette for five years, and she penned a tune after him called, Torch. Do you know the name of the X-Men movie he starred in and his character’s name? Believe it or not his name is Deadpool. I’d rather they just call him Ryan Rodney Reynolds!! COPYRIGHT 2017, MOMZINGA.COM

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