Nov 17

MANSLICE MONDAY: Captain America/Chris Evans



Does Captain America make you feel proud to be an American? Captain America makes me want to meet Chris Evans in person and all I want to do is squeeze one of his arms. He looks soooo muscular, he just does me in. He can star in all the Captain America movies he wants because he has such an awesome body. Oh yeah and he is cute too.

Chris Evan was born in 1981, in Boston, Massachusetts. He started his acting career on a TV show called The Opposite Sex, and soon became a historic member of the Avenger’s comic book movie kingdom. He appeared in the Fantastic Four flick as Johnny Storm, The Human Torch several years back. He had a major burning attitude as the Human Torch(had to say it).

chris evans 2

Chris Evans has made a career portraying Captain America in two movies so far, with one more slated for next year—-“Captain America; Civil War.”
After recently watching, Captain America; Winter Soldier, ” I truly felt grateful for actors and writers who infuse old-time ethics, morals and standards into today’s movies. The fight scenes in The Winter Soldier flick were incredibly well done. I found myself yelling, “Steve get a gun!”


Captain America has something most characters do not have today. He has moxie, and that is pretty cool, how they incorporated moxie, ethics, into a character that is 95 years old, but certainly doesn’t look a day over 30.

Chris Evans says when the Captain America series ends, he wants to do some directing. DARN THE LUCK!! Copyright (c) 2014!MOMZINGA.COM

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