Oct 15

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY;Birthday Cakes Banned at School!

birthday cake ban
An Ohio school has banned birthday cake, brownies, birthday snacks and all non-essential food from making an appearance at an elementary school.

Seems a Burlington, Ohio elementary school wants to keep its federal funding. Therefore, the PTA and school officials decided to ban all treats, food that is not made for student lunches from the building. In other words, kids are no longer allowed to have birthday cake, or any food treats at school. The elementary school, in so doing will be allowed to keep their federal funding.
Otherwise if the kids are allowed to eat unregulated federal foods, the school loses its federal money for its school meals.

Basically anything that was deemed as not healthy was banned from the school. This means no more birthday cakes, no more celebratory brownies, no more candy brought in for Halloween. Non food item can be given out for the kids to celebrate birthdays and holidays such as erasers. pencils, etc.

Here’s the rundown on what the government regulates, and doesn’t:

• The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was revamped in 2010 to require healthier school breakfast and lunches – more vegetables, less fat, etc. Schools had to revamp their menus.

• Last summer it added a Smart Snacks program that regulates the nutritional content of foods sold at school snack bars.

• When it comes to bake sales and food fundraisers, states make the rules. In Ohio and Kentucky they’re still allowed, but they can’t “compete” with the school food. Copyright (c) 2014!

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