Aug 28

THINKING THURSDAY:Babies Are Not Disposable!

I’ve heard plenty of deplorable stories about young girls who do not tell anyone they are pregnant, give birth in a public bathroom and throw the baby away after giving birth. Then they act like nothing happened and continue living life. The newborn baby dies, and no one is held responsible.
A college girl of about 19 years old went back to college several years ago, and played volleyball until she gave birth in her dorm room. She threw the baby out, and he died. A 23 year old Utah woman who threw her baby in a trash can after giving birth. She said she didn’t want her parents to find out she was pregnant, and that she wanted to finish college. The stories go on and on.

How about women and men start taking responsiblity for our actions—use contraception so you do not become pregnant? If you have the baby do not throw out that human life; give your baby to a hospital or a church or a clinic without any problems. No questions will be asked. Every state in America now has a policy where if you do not want that baby, or if you can’t tell your parents—give the baby away to a church, a hospital, where they will willingly take the baby and find parents who will lovingly take care of that baby.

I’d rather see the baby live a life with loving, caring, responsible parents, instead of reading another story of a young woman or teenage girl throwing her newborn baby out with the trash. MOMZINGA.COM!


  1. Mike W

    I think we have stopped teaching the children of this country that life is precious. When there is no God, there are no ramifications beyond that which society imposes and therefore, as society continues to degrade, life becomes disposable.

    1. kjohnsinxs@yahoo.com

      Mike, you are so right! I was completely sickened when I heard the story about the 23 year old girl. How could anyone throw out a baby, or puppies or anything alive? That is sick. I think this 23 yr old is mentally unstable!

  2. Mandy

    So right. Life is precious, be it an unborn fetus or a new born baby. I can’t understand why people, especially young women, find it so hard to appreciate life. A living fetus is a sign of new life and every young pregnant girl HAS to take responsibility for the little baby. All I’ve got to say is that if she can’t take responsibility, then she should not sleep around to begin with. ‘Think before you leap’, because at the end of the day anyone who is going to deliver a baby in a bathroom and then disposes the baby with such brazen inhuman indifference become a baby killer, to state it bluntly. I am constantly appalled by the many horrific stories about babies left to die – and for no fault of their own. Really sad.

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