May 19

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: ACTOR WILL SMITH!!

He’s sexy, he’s funny, he’s down to earth. He is married. STOP! Kind of ruined the sexy train, didn’t it?

Will Smith seamlessly transitioned from a successful rapper (The Fresh Prince) to a comedic actor (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air), with his 1990’s TV show, blockbuster hits; Men in Black I, II, and III, and Bad Boys to a more serious actor in successful hit movies such as I Am Legend, Pursuit of Happiness and Ali. He has made blockbuster movies that raked in millions and helped movie moguls become even more successful.

Will Smith is a class act, an inspiration. That’s why I chose him for this week’s Manslice Monday. He is the kind of guy who can do just about anything, and pushed himself to greatness by not taking himself too seriously, having fun with what he does, but also working hard to become the character he is portraying. MOMZINGA.COM
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