May 12

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: JON BON JOVI



I’m not kicking myself about NOT meeting Jon Bon Jovi back in 1983. I refused to go with my boyfriend/became husband way back when Bon Jovi were on their first real tour. They swung through Buffalo, New York. The guy I married asked me if I wanted to go to a seedy motel room with him to meet Jon Bon Jovi. To me it sounded kind of scary. He was interviewing then unknown Bon Jovi for the Buffalo News. “The band is awesome,” were his exact words.


I did go to see Bon Jovi that night at a concert in a small, dumpy bar in Buffalo, New York. Bon Jovi played to the 100 people packed into the bar like they were playing a stadium show. Five young, good-looking guys on stage leaning into the crowd, singing tight harmonies. If I reached over just a little, I could have touched Jon Bon Jovi. We all knew he was destined for greatness! He was simply awesome!!

Jon Bon Jovi. What does that name mean to you? To me Jon Bon Jovi conjures up a really good-looking, confident guy who pushed himself to the greatest heights of success. He pushed himself incredibly hard, embellished his way to super stardom, and made a career out of singing rock and roll. MOMZINGA.COM

Jon Bon Jovi is not your typical rock star. He is the kind of guy who had an attitude of greatness when he was young. His attitude, hard work, determination, love of music, worked for him. He decided to be great and he went for it, 100 percent!

He became a huge success in the music business. He made a record with Scandal, sang backup for Cher, starred in several flicks, like U-571, and TV shows like Ally Mc Beal, sold over 130 million albums. Ladies, he still is good looking after being in the music business for over 30 years. And he’s been married for a long time now! Written by Momzinga.com
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