May 05

MOMZINGA’S MANSLICE MONDAY:Younger Keith Richards Rocked!


Keith Richards has made a career out of playing the bad boy image to the absolute hilt. Now that Richards is older than dirt–he’s 71, and looking like he rolled out of a dirt coffin, believe it or not, Richards was actually kind of cute from 1970 to about 1977. Keith Richards looked cute, played guitar in a drunken, drugged out stupor, but he looked good doing it. (Isn’t that half the battle?)

Even though he played Johnny Depp’s Dad in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Richards has made a career out of staggering around, getting arrested, and getting into all kinds of trouble. Besides, Keef can play lead guitar incredibly well, wrote chart topping songs, and managed to mumble a few words into a microphone on stage.

Believe it or not, but Keith Richards had his own band for a few years (The X-Pensive Winos), loves to read about history, has been married twice, and has had five kids with two different women. He is quoted as saying, “I wanted to be a librarian.” Not sure, I’m buying that one!! Even though Keith Richards looks like death warmed over, he kicked his heroin habit, wrote three books, ( one being a kid’s book), and now has five grandkids. Copyright(c)2014! MOMZINGA.COM


  1. Barrie Tabor

    ThAt photo is NOT Keith Richards. It’s Chris Jagger. Do your homework!!

    1. kjohnsinxs@yahoo.com

      Do you even know who Keith Richards is? That is a younger Keith Richards—get a clue!!

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