Apr 28

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: Rock Stars That Were Cute When They were Younger: Rod Stewart


Mr. Rod Stewart, “Do You think I’m Sexy?” was a good-looking, hot singer way back when in his much younger days.
With his raspy, yet sexy voice, his quirky yet sexy hair, he somehow managed to cross the line of sensuality.

Rod Stewart has sold over 100 million records in his long spanning career, (he started singing with a band in 1962), with the Jeff Beck Group, then went to Faces, and started his solo career while being part of a group.

Rod Stewart’s career has spanned five decades, and shows no signs of letting up. Last I heard he was singing jazzy standards to older folks who enjoy that sort of stuff.

Stewart loves his models, as most rock stars do, including Rachel Hunter who he married years ago and dumped for younger model–Penny Lancaster. Stewart was also married to George Hamilton’s former wife, Alana Hamilton.
Stewart has had six consecutive number one albums, and 60 hit songs, three marriages, eight kids with five different women, and he is much older, but dapper now that the man born in England has settled into old age. But he sure was sexy hot back in the 1960’s and 1970’s!
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  1. Sophie

    In case anyone is interested, Rod has stopped with the Great American Songbooks and is back to doing original, rock material. His last album, ‘Time’, was No. 1 in the UK and he is apparently working on a follow-up.

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