Apr 14

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: Shemar Moore, Best Male Body Ever!


Shemar Moore. How could I have overlooked the best looking, hottest looking guy on the small screen? He has the best abs ever. The best pecs. He has a better looking body than Beckham.

Shemar Moore is the only reason I suffered through watching 3 episodes of Criminal Minds with my action-adventure, detective novel hubby, to see the incredibly sexy, good-looking, HOT, awesome talented actor, Shemar Moore.

Moore was born in America on April 20, 1970, when his mom took her family to Denmark of all places, to live for a few years until moving once again. Finally she moved back to America, California; when she regained her senses. That’s when things started to roll for Shemar.

He starred as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless for eight years, until Susan Lucci finally won her Emmy. He left in 2005, and started his long running role on the hit TV show, Criminal Minds.

Moore is six feet and one inch of hunky gorgeousness, and he has the abs to prove it.

Shemar Moore also was the host of Soul Train from 1999 to 2003. He starred in The Diary of a Mad Black Woman in 2005, and The Brothers in 2001. Copyright (c) 2014!MOMZINGA.COM

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