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Oct 31

Taco Tuesday: Love Rocco DiSpirito’s Healthy and Delicious


I love Rocco Di Spirito’s sense of adventure, love of REAL FOOD, and the over 200 healthy recipes he created in his new recipe book—-Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious. By the way, this is not simply a cookbook it is more of a change of lifestyle, but accomplished  in a comfortable way. Rocco starts out by telling …

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Oct 31

Why The Sexual Assault Double Standard For Rock Stars And Not Okay For Hollywood Elites To Assault Women?


Now that we are hearing the stories from Hollywood nobodies saying major players, and A-listers tried to have sex with them, grabbed their butts, their boobs including Bush 41 who is 93, grabbed an unheard of Turn actress’s butt during a picture promo,YIKES! When is it going to stop? So far, over 30 actresses have come …

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Oct 31

Fear Mongers Gone Too Far? Taking Halloween Away From Kids


The last two years my daughter was in high school the Principal took Halloween away. He announced that  the kids, teachers, staff could not wear Halloween costumes to school. No distribution of candy would be allowed, No pranks or Halloween decorations would be allowed at the school because Halloween was deemed to be too disruptive. …

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Oct 30

Manslice Monday: Hot Dead Actors: Heath Ledger

 Heath Ledger was tripping the light fantastic when he died an untimely , scary death 9 years ago now, way back in 2008. After wrapping up The Dark Knight movie starring as  The Joker, Ledger who was having trouble sleeping took too many pills and overdosed, thus having a heart attack at the all too …

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Oct 30

What Does It Show Kids When NFL Players Take a Knee During the National Anthem?

gee whiz

When millionaire, large contract making football players kneel for the National Anthem this shows our kids it is okay to do whatever we want whenever we want. Considering the NFL won’t stand up to their players, enforcing their own rules of players must stand during the playing of the National Anthem, this says it is …

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Oct 27

Insomnia Keeping You Up at Night? Dr. Oz Has A Fix for That With Food Can Fix It


Dr, Oz is not only a doctor but a successful TV host who has high ratings, and who sells millions of books. Oz has written seven best sellers so far, and this his eighth book, Food Can Fix It seems to be heading for the bestseller’s list again. I have to admit after dropping in …

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Oct 26

Seven Days of Us: Reminded Me of A Woody Allen Movie


Seven Days of Us reminded me of  Woody Allen’s  movies, which meander until aggravation sets in and we give up or fast forward the flick. Seven Days of Us is a family drama book cleverly written about four family members who unwillingly—except for the mother, who has discovered she has cancer, wind up in  house …

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Oct 25



ENOUGH ALREADY!! Really!  An actress that really no one has ever heard of or from until this week claims HW Bush grabbed her butt while taking a picture with his elderly wife by his side. H.W. Bush was 89 at the time, now is 93, and apologized for the butt grabbing. He said it was a …

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Oct 24

Momzinga’s Bucket List Bands To See Before We Hit Our Final Demise


10 BUCKET LIST BANDS—- Bands we have to see before we you know what I mean, cause you know what a bucket list is for. After watching the news the other day, and seeing a 94 year old women jump from a plane going skydiving, I was inspired to make my own bucket list. You …

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Oct 23

Hotel Scarface: Where Cocaine Was King And Everyone Had Their Minds Blown


Hotel Scarface reads like a fictional accounting of what happened at the Mutiny Hotel in Miami. What happens is a cocaine, unreality of a real life story—actually numerous stories of the criminals, women, wait staff and the cops who finally took the cocaine cartel down. Roben Farzad writes the story of a lifetime about sex, …

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