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May 30

It’s Not That Funny Now Is It: HERE COMES THE BRIBE

HERE COMES THE BRIBE BY MARY DAHEIM– Reading Here Comes the Bribe left me confused beyond belief because there were numerous ornery, nasty, battling, sniping, biting characters who seem pissed off for no real reason. I’ve never read a Mary Daheim book before. The front cover says it’s a bed and breakfast mystery series. The …

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May 27

RAW. VEGAN. NOT GROSS. Great Recipes. Great Advice. No Kale Necessary!

RAW. VEGAN. NOT GROSS. BY LAURA MILLER—No kale necessary! I refuse to eat kale, besides drink a kale infused recipe of anything. That’s how I went into Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. Laura Miller changed my mind. Okay, I’m still not going to eat kale, because it tastes like something green and gross, and basically tasteless. …

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May 26

Mean Girls? Hah! That’s A Disney Dull Ride Compared to Girls on Fire!!

GIRLS ON FIRE BY ROBIN WASSERMAN—-This isn’t a Disney movie! Girls on Fire scared the crap out of me, because if teens were this horrible back in the 1990’s I fear for the teens of today—they must be worse, scarier than teens from 24 years ago, right? Girls on Fire is not a happy go …

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May 25

Weird News Wednesday: Five Smart Ways to COMBAT Low Battery Syndrome

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—COMBAT LOW BATTERY SYNDROME— Wondering why your cellphone is losing power all the time? Wondering what you can do about it, besides buying a new Smartphone? Believe it or not I saw this story on The Daily Mail and received some interesting, helpful information on how to keep your cellphone from having low …

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May 24

Common Sense is Dead: Freaks Are Ruining Our Daughters Self Esteem

It isn’t okay for our daughters to be normal anymore. It isn’t okay for our daughters to have morals, values, ethics. It’s okay to be weird, different. It’s okay for our daughters to be slutty, bitchy, nasty, rude, insulting, having no morals or values. It’s okay for our daughters to be freaks! Entertainment TV shows …

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May 24



MANSLICE MONDAY EWAN MCGREGOR— Ewan McGregor’s name sounds so Scottish, you can hear the r’s rolling out of his mouth as he talks. McGregor is one of the most acclaimed actors of his time, having starred in not one but three Star Wars movies as Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is the voice of Obi-Wan in the …

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May 20

Anna Quindlen Weaves a Beautiful Story of Farm Life in Miller’s Valley!


MILLER’S VALLEY BY ANNA QUINDLEN– I really enjoyed reading Miller’s Valley because Quindlen tells the main story about the Miller family through the eyes of Mimi, the youngest child, and tells side stories interwoven into Miller’s Valley. Quindlen tells this story in an off the top of her head kind of writing. I loved how …

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May 19

OMG! Someone Please Save Abby and End the Suffering!

saving abby

SAVING ABBY BY STEENA HOLMES—- Saving Abby by Steena Holmes could have been a great book. The premise, the main ideas are right there for the asking. But Steena Holmes writes in such a way as to lead readers on by hinting at a morsel of an idea—what is going to happen. Then she throws …

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May 18

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Extremist Much? Sterilize This Woman!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY–STERILIZE WOMAN WHO TRIED TO KILL HER NEWBORN BABY! At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, a politically incorrect person, I say sterilize, have her tubes tied , don’t even allow her to go to jail, take away her right to have children! Am I an Extremist, or what? WHY? READ the …

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May 17

Do You Want to Read a Funny, Not Super Serious Dystopian Adventure? Read The Great American Whatever.


THE GREAT AMERICAN WHATEVER BY TIM FEDERLE—- The Great American Whatever is an original, intriguing, engaging, lighthearted book for teens, young adults, and older adults who are interested in how their teens think, to read. It’s a book for everyone to read. But it is not a deep, dark look into a dystopian world—thank Gawd …

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