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Jan 28

Fall in Love With The Things We Keep: Story of Two Dementia Patients Falling In Love

the things we keep

THE THINGS WE KEEP BY SALLY HEPWORTH— The Things We keep by Sally Hepworth starts out telling a very involving story from a young dementia person’s viewpoint. Then it segues into a single mother picking up the pieces of her life after her husband, an investor, creates a Ponzi scheme and commits suicide. The Things …

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Jan 27

Get An Insider’s View of Downton Abbey With Season Three Complete Scripts

donton abbey 3

Downton Abbey: The Complete Scripts Season Three by Julian Fellowes gives an insider’s secretive sneak peak into the Downton Abbey world and that of the creator of the show Julian Fellows. Downton Abbey viewers, lovers, people who adore the show will want to peruse this book with all the intensity it demands. Certainly if you …

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Jan 27

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Schools Force Best Kids Out of School!!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—BRAVE TEEN TAKES ACTION WHILE TEACHER DOES NOTHING—- A Texas teenager was suspended from school after helping a classmate who was having an asthma attack. The teacher emailed the nurse as per school policy—which seems incredibly stupid to me. She literally did not help the gasping for air teen, while the kids looked …

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Jan 26



TACO TUESDAY—- BANANA PEANUT BUTTER BREAKFAST SHAKE— This recipe if from the Vitamix Cookbook. Even though it sounds gross, it isn’t once blended properly. You know what I mean, taking healthy whole foods, and blending them up to make even healthier drinks, meals to consume. After looking over the Vitamix Cookbook, I became very interested …

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Jan 25

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: The Eagles Glenn Frey

ca. 1970s --- Glenn Frey, guitarist with the Eagles, holds his guitar.  The Eagles were the most popular band of the seventies and their reunion tour in the nineties was also very successful. --- Image by © Henry Diltz/CORBIS

MANSLICE MONDAY—GLENN FREY—The Eagles Glenn Frey always seemed to have a very relaxed, confident easygoing manner. Eagles fans probably truly thought Frey was born in and grew up in California but alas he did not. It’s the way he was an easygoing, free spirited kind of guy who loved performing music, loved writing music and …

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Jan 23

That’s the Way Momma Likes It: The Drifter: Fast Paced, Intense Thriller!!


THE DRIFTER BY NICHOLAS PETRIE—- The Drifter written by Nicholas Petrie is not a typical Mom’s book. You know what I mean; a romance novel or girlfriend’s kind of book. No this is the kind of book I love written by an author who wrote an intriguing, interesting, fast moving story involving what seems like …

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Jan 21

Thinking Thursday: Think It’s Okay For a Sexual Predator to Have Sex with Your Child?

THINKING THURSDAY—-GROSS SEXUAL PREDATORS!! Mary Kay Letourneau was a married teacher who had several kids with her husband. She threw it all away to be a predator enticing a decades younger middle schooler to have sex with her. She admitted to falling in love with him when he was in elementary school. Pretty sick huh? …

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Jan 19

On The Edge With The Gilded Razor

gilded razor

The Gilded Razor written by Sam Lansky is a tell all memoir that truly does tell all; perhaps too much. Lansky carries on for what seems like eons about his drug addiction, the exact usage, having sex with older men, and how he desperately wants to get into Princeton. I felt kind of grossed out …

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Jan 18


MANSLICE MONDAY—DAVID BOWIE— David Bowie’s life can’t be summed up in one sentence, nor will I be writing a David Bowie bio here—-that’s what Wikipedia or IMDB are for. TRIBUTE TO THE THIN WHITE DUKE– David Bowie was a man who took huge risks in his musical life, his personal life, and his acting, creative …

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Jan 14

A Thousand Naked Strangers: Should be NETFLIX TV Series!

straw spinach

A THOUSAND NAKED STRANGERS—BEST BOOK OF 2016!! A Thousand Naked Strangers by Kevin Hazzard¬†has everything a mom, a dad, in a neat little package. It’s dramatic, funny, interesting, intriguing, fascinating, written in storytelling fashion. Hazzard has written a book that is a writer’s book—because it is written by a guy who knows what he is …

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