Monthly Archive: September 2015

Sep 30

Let There Be Water: A PBS Program on Steroids!


Let There Be Water—- Let There Be Water by Seth M. Siegel rages swiftly along like a PBS program on steroids. Siegel jumps into statistics about several large countries and their water problems right away. Siegel talks about Israel, France, and America and their plight concerning water usage. Siegel liberally and literally extolls the virtues …

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Sep 30

What Exactly is Going On in A Curious Beginning?

curious beginning

A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn left me with more questions than answers. I was left wondering why a woman in 1887 would allow any man to grab her and take her away from her home to guard her life, without any real explanation. It’s called kidnapping! It’s called suspending all of your inner common …

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Sep 30

WNW: Muslim Father Murders Americanized Daughter

khan daughter

WEIRD NEWS WEDNSDAY—If you have any doubt about how sick some people, (Muslims) truly are, here is a story from Breitbart—-because we at keep an eye on all the news, to stay informed, intelligent and to keep you informed. Asadullah Khan, 52, and his wife Shazia, 41, both Ahmadiyya Muslims originally from Pakistan, are …

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Sep 28

MANSLICE MONDAYl TRACE ADKINS—This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing!!


MANSLICE MONDAY—-TRACE ADKINS—- Trace Adkins is a hugely successful singer/songwriter that turns me on. Okay the image of a tall, not super good looking, but kind of sexy guy who became successful by working hard, getting into trouble, does me in. Adkins is not perfect and that’s okay! Trace Adkins who may not be a …

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Sep 24

Orange is the New Blackish? See What You Think!

mr. smith

I was with you Brother—up until the middle of the book when I had to put the book down because I started not believing any of what I was reading anymore. It seemed too contrived. And I also found Mr. Smith Goes to Jail very much the male version of the Netflix TV show Orange …

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Sep 23

Come Rain or Come Shine: Jan Karon Has Outdone Herself!


Simply put—I loved Come Rain or Come Shine! I felt like part of this extraordinary family! To tell you the truth I can’t write this review fast enough. Come Rain or Come Shine is the twelfth book in the series—-hoping there’s more to come—- and the first book in the Mitford series that I read. …

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Sep 22

Sorry Last Time I saw is Not a Good Read!!


THE LAST TIME I SAW HER— I know what is wrong—-you know how it feels to show up late to the party and it is either winding up and you missed it or it has gotten to that point in time where people are getting ready to go home? Well after reading Karen Robards’ The …

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Sep 17

Women Are Smarter Than Men!!


Sisters In Law is an in depth venture into the professional lives of two women who became the first female Supreme Court Justices in a time when women were only allowed to be secretaries. Intelligent women weren’t groomed to be partners in a law firm, only men were. Before the 1960’s–women went to high school, …

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Sep 16

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Bring a Bomb to School, Get Invited to The White House, REALLY?

ahmed mohammed

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-WOULD YOU RATHER BE SAFE OR SORRY? Texas teacher/Texas police look stupid for doing their jobs! Could have been yet another story—-real lives involved with a mass shooting, a bomb explosion at a school killing numerous kids—-our children, your children. Yes the teacher and the police went way over the line after they …

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Sep 15

TACO TUESDAY: Delicious, Garlic Potatoes Anyone?

4_2_Mug Meals TP Mech.indd

TACO TUESDAY—DELCIOUS MUG OF GARLIC POATOES—- Arming myself by eating lunch first, before looking through MUG MEALS for another Taco Tuesday delicious recipe, I became very hungry just leafing through Leslie Bilderback’s beautiful book filled with over 100 creative, smart, satisfying creations. If only Bilderback delivered these yummy meals to our front doors—she’d become an …

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