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Aug 31



MANSLICE MONDAY—-JOHN LEGEND— John Legend, 36 years old, renamed himself many years ago to obviously stand out from the crowd of singer/songwriters. Unlike Kanye , John Legend does not grab the spotlight saying he will run for president in the future. John Legend has a great name an even greater career ahead of him, and …

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Aug 29



ALICE IN CHAINS— Although Layne Staley’s family did not help him by giving unconditional love, but instead giving nasty criticism, including telling Layne and the band members of Alice in Chains that Layne could not sing, Layne Staley and Alice in Chains went on to become one of the most successful grunge—Seattle-based bands in the …

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Aug 28

Jolly Good Fun—Malice at the Palace is the Best Detective Novel of the Year!


MALICE AT THE PALACE— Rhys Bowen knows how to write a killer book. And yes the pun is intended because the main story is about a woman being killed in front of Kensington Palace when Prince George’s beautiful fiancĂ© is taking up residence. Lady Georgiana is asked by the Queen to live at Kensington Palace …

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Aug 27

THINKING THURSDAY: Ashley Madison Users Got What They Deserved!


THINKING THURSDAY— Ashley Madison site users I am so happy you were outed. First— Do people really think that what they put on the Internet will stay private? Anyone can have access to it. That’s why I do not do any of my banking online. Anybody who has the time, and the resources can hack …

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Aug 26

Weird News Wednesday: Funny Caitlyn Jenner Costume


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY— The Costume company, Anytime Costumes is being torn to shreds by unhappy, overly serious online people who as far as I am concerned need to get a life!! The costume is a brilliant idea actually. Men can wear it. Women can wear it. Anytime Costumes came up with an original, hilarious Halloween …

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Aug 25


Garlic butter lime corn

TACO TUESDAY– BOBBY FLAY’S GARLIC BUTTER LIME CORN— Bobby Flay devised a new way to make corn taste a whole lot better. Considering that corn is essentially a summer veggie, you can grill this tasty, spicy corn recipe to perfection enjoying all the savory tasty delights in one bite. Sounds delicious, looks delicious and tastes …

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Aug 24

Secondhand Souls: Out Weirds Tim Burton’s Movies!

second hand souls

SECONDHAND SOULS– Christopher Moore thrusts readers into a downright weird, strange world of messed up people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Secondhand Souls is funny, but not laugh out loud, hilariously funny. It is more a gallows sense of humor. You will definitely find out what I mean while reading …

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Aug 24



MANSLICE MONDAY–AARON TVEIT—- Watching Graceland is not a trip into thinking-land, where you have to really pay attention to the show’s six main characters figuring out what they need to do next, take action, essentially putting themselves in danger. Aaron Tveit who stars as Mike Warren in Graceland, is no doubt a good looking guy, …

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Aug 21

Perfect Touch: A Perfect Book To Read Making Life A Little More, UMMM—Perfect!!

lowell perfect touch

Perfect Touch felt like the perfect book to read. From the first paragraph I knew I was in the hands of a skilled writer, Elizabeth Lowell who performed the magical feat of weaving a story oh so marvelously, I knew I wanted to read more of this skilled artisan’s books. Elizabeth Lowell has written 28 …

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Aug 20

THINKING THURSDAY: Find the Right Guy to Marry!

THINKING THURSDAY—FIND RIGHT GUY TO MARRY! How can you find the right guy, figure out if he is worthy of being in a relationship with for the rest of your life? It’s really easy actually. I found the right guy, in my first semester at college. We both loved music, and were major smartasses. Somehow …

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