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Apr 29

Momzinga’s Thinking Thursday: Are Rules Meant to Be Broken?

boston marathon family

THINKING THURSDAY—— Are Rules Meant to Be Broken? HERE’S THE STORY: A Pennsylvania father sent a scathing note to an elementary school principal after she said that a trip he took with his nine-year-old twins to see him run the Boston Marathon was an “unexcused absence.” Rydal Elementary School Rochelle Marbury wrote to dad Mike …

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Apr 29

Baltimore Riot Mom Did What All Moms Should Be Doing!!

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM When I saw the Baltimore riot Mom run into the rioting crowd, grab her child, yell at him, and smack him upside the head, I felt a great sense of pride. I felt if every Mom in the world took responsibility for her kids, the world would be a better …

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Apr 28

TACO TUESDSAY: Green Tea, Lime Juice Weight Loss Drink

lime juice

Moms are busy. We work jobs, do a lot of housework, make meals and usually do not have time for ourselves. That’s why you have to take care of yourself. It’s easy to gain weight while raising your kids. You may gain more weight after having your kids because you don’t have time to lose …

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Apr 27

Change Your Life’s Destiny With Gene Therapy

gene ther

Can you change your genetic makeup? Can you create a better body by eating various foods, and working out? According to Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor you can. The Gene Therapy Plan written by acclaimed oncologist Mitchell L. Gaynor is an insightful, information packed book filled with knowledgeable revelations telling readers how our genes, affect our …

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Apr 23

Thinking Thursday: ASHLEY’S WAR: Are We Empowering Women Sending Them Into Combat?

ashley's war

THINKING THURSDAY—EMPOWERING WOMEN AND ASHLEY’S WAR– Recently having read the book, Ashley’s War, I started thinking about women going onto the battlefield with men, on the ground. Women have not been allowed to go into on the ground combat situations with men until an elite group of women took this first step into an unknown …

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Apr 21

Manslice Monday: John Stamos


JOHN STAMOS—MANSLICE MONDAY— John Stamos became a rich, successful guy playing Jesse (brother of the father) on the 1980’s–1990’s TV show Full House. Or was he the live in friend? Stamos announced that Full House will be back—on Netflix—with Candace Cameron Bure(D.J. Tanner) now a single pregnant mom. What makes this so awesome is Full …

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Apr 20

The Fire Sermon: Hunger Games, Divergent-Like But Darker!

fire sermon

The Fire Sermon, by Francesca Haig is a fascinating read, of sci-fi interest. The Fire Sermon actually combines Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Planet of the Apes. The first 50 pages were kind of depressing. But I had to find out what happens to Cass and her one armed boyfriend Kip. Cass is born into …

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Apr 20

Taking Shortcuts To Success: See Where It Gets You


COPY AND PASTE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS—- Have you ever done this–copied and pasted essays, paragraphs, sentences, from the Internet and used it as your own to pass a class? Have you ever used your cellphone at school to cheat on a test and not gotten caught? Why not do what everyone else has been …

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Apr 17



SHEMAR MOORE FOR PRESIDENT– I am endorsing Shemar Moore for President of the United States in 2016, because quite frankly he’d give women something to look at, lust after and enjoy. He’d probably do a better job than the current president! I’d even start watching every one of his press conferences—no matter what he’d be …

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Apr 16

GOOD FOOD GOOD LIFE: Good Book With Even Better Recipes

good food life

CURTIS STONE; GOOD FOOD GOOD LIFE REVIEWED BY MOMZINGA.COM Finally a male chef that is tall, good-looking and is married. Yikes! Curtis Stone an international success story of chef-like proportions, he’s originally from Australia, Ladies, has been cooking up a storm for years, and he isn’t bad-looking either! Stone’s newest cook book, Good Food Good …

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