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Jan 29

HER: Is Sly as a Fox!


Review written by Kate Johns If you are looking for a book about two women bonding, becoming best friends, and going on a wild ride of self discovery, HER is not that kind of book. Harriet Lane manages to write a book that is so compelling , you feel you have to read HER to …

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Jan 28

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Dead Cat Comes Back, Man Sells Goodwill Watch for $35,000


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—CAT COMES BACK TO LIFE, GUY SELLS GOODWILL WATCH FOR GOOD $$$! I found about 10 Weird News Wednesday stories—there’s the one about the cat who dies, is buried in the ground, comes back to life, crawls back to a neighbor’s house and is taken to the SPCA because the owner doesn’t want …

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Jan 27

Seriously Super Easy Blizzard Pie: Taco Tuesday!


TACO TUESDAY—– Blizzard pie is so easy to make even a small child can make this pie on her own. By the way this isn’t a Diary Queen recipe, nope it is a blizzard pie recipe. I got the idea from the recent horrific blizzard of historical magnitude that was supposed to happen. We got …

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Jan 27

We Need To stand Up For Our Rights Like Restaurant Owner Did!


Two celebrities who received backlash for their comments about the film “American Sniper” are facing further repercussions — they’ve been banned from a Michigan steakhouse. “Michael Moore and Seth Rogan [sic] are NOT allowed in my place,” reads the large sign outside Brann’s Steakhouse and Grille in Wyoming, Michigan. Owner Tommy Brann said he put …

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Jan 26

Warning: The Same Sky is a Tearjerker, Definetely Worth the Read!

same sky

REVIEW WRITTEN BY WRITER KATE JOHNS At first I thought The Same Sky was a real story, that it wasn’t fiction. I had to look at the book cover, and binding to figure out if it was real or not. The Same Sky written by Amanda Eyre Ward seems like two real life stories that …

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Jan 23

Accidental Farmer: DIRTY CHICK


FINALLY FRIDAY FEATURE—-WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS I’ve been writing weekly book reviews to get people to read again. Reading is so important, fun and awesome for everybody to do especially us moms who need to put more time into reading more than just kids books to our kids before tucking them in at night. And …

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Jan 22

Cheap Cable TV Bills, and How You Can Get Them:MOMZINGA.COM


THINKING THURSDAY—— Have you done what my hubby and I have done?We switched numerous times to lower paying cable, satellite for a few months, gotten hooked on those premium channel shows and then switched to other alternatives. WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS—THE OWNER OF THIS WEBSITE! What are the alternatives to paying a 200 dollar a …

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Jan 21

Saving Grace: What One Woman Does When a Perfect Stranger Wants Her Perfect Life

jane grn

REVIEW WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS A perfect stranger wants her perfect life. Grace Chapman has a problem. Nobody else thinks she has any problems. They think her life is absolutely perfect. People think she leads a life of fundraising for charities, going to parties and living the high life, which she doesn’t. Her bestselling author …

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Jan 21

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Rationing of Cough Medicine During Flu Season!


This is the most unreal thing I’ve ever heard. Well okay not really, there are a lot more things that are unimaginable happening every day. Now that flu season is affecting ALL Americans, with the virus having taken over every state, pharmacies in California are rationing cough medicine with codeine in it, because they can’t …

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Jan 20

TACO TUESDAY: Decadent Bananas Foster Pancakes


Decadence reigns supreme! Here is something a little bit decadent to eat on a morning off from running to work or getting the kids to practice; Bananas Foster Pancakes. As I was switching Tv channels the other night I stumbled onto a Food Network show where the cooks were making different kinds of breakfasts. Bananas …

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