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Dec 31

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Whose Panties are These?


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—–Whose panties are these? MOMZINGA.COM When my dad was still alive, and when I still lived with my parents, before I got married, my Dad did the laundry. He washed everything in cold water, refused to spend any money drying the laundry and my clothes came out smelling and looking worse after he …

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Dec 24

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Cops Pull Over Red Cars the Most!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-CONCEPT DERIVED BY MOMZINGA.COM, aka KATE JOHNS With bazillions of people hitting the roads for the holidays, I started thinking which cars are the highest profile cars. Which cars get noticed zooming past the cop cars hidden between trees on America’s Interstates? COPS LIKE RED CARS! The answer is red cars. Red cars …

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Dec 23

TACO TUESDAY: Cornflake Chicken

corn flake

TACO TUESDAY—-CONCEPT ORGINATED BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JOHNS Cornflake chicken is a comfort food in the making. It is rather high in calories due to the butter, but you can use less butter to make it lighter. Cornflake chicken is a very easy meal to make for the entire family. Depending on how many people …

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Dec 22

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: James Franco

BMW i3 global reveal party

MANSLICE MONDAY—JAMES FRANCO— James Franco stars in The Interview, and this may well be a movie that doesn’t hit the big screen. TOO BAD!! I’m all ready to run out and buy it or rent it as soon as possible just to see what all the major crapola is about. COULD IT BE A MAJOR …

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Dec 19

FINALLY FRIDAY: Ten Songs About Ten Women

FINALLY FRIDAY—10 Songs About 10 Women— Here’s something to think about just for some fun; what songs have women’s names in them? There are so many, I couldn’t list them all here. It’s interesting to think about, that most women aren’t writing songs naming guys. But men write songs naming women. Now why is that? …

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Dec 19

MOMZINGA.COM Husband Pays It Forward In Big Way!

Pay It Forward Logo

THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!MOMZINGA.COM My husband is an awesome guy—that’s why I married him. He was told by a worker at his job of about 300 employees that a man who is a janitor—his brother died. Now his brother lived about 500 miles from the janitor. The janitor told one person that he could …

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Dec 18

Want to go on a Trip? Read Small Victories and Get All Trippy With it!


SMALL VICTORIES—WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JOHNS As soon as I started reading Small Victories by Anne Lamott I knew I was in trouble. I felt like I was reading a seriously trippy take on The Wizard of Oz, that was not funny, was not interesting, was not inspirational and was not well written. Each …

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Dec 17

Mistletoe Promise: You Have to Read This Heartwarming Book!


MISTLETOE PROMISE—- The Mistletoe Promise written by Richard Paul Evans is a magnificent, heartwarming, brilliantly written take on what will become a Christmas classic. Mistletoe Promise should be made into a movie—it was just that good. Mistletoe Promise combines old-fashioned morals, ethics, and high standards, mixes them into a completely new concept, with a combination …

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Dec 17

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:School Officials Dump Sick Teen At Rest Stop


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-SCHOOL OFFICIALS DUMP SICK KID AT REST STOP! What would you do if your teenager called from a rest stop saying, “They left me behind. I’m sick, Come get me.” I’d be in my car two seconds later racing to get my child. After getting my child home safely I’d drive over to …

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Dec 15


Keith-Urban 2

MANSLICE MONDAY—KEITH URBAN— This week’s #ManscliceMonday guy is Keith Urban. I love his hair, and the fact that he can play guitar so well. Watching him play guitar does me in! I feel all funny inside—not like I’m going to be sick, but kind of mesmerized by watching him sing and play guitar. He’s cute. …

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