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Nov 25

Momzinga’s Stuffing Recipe: TACO TUESDAY


TACO TUESDAY—– My husband and I have been arguing about the best way to make really good stuffing for 27 years. When we get close to the holidays, we find ourselves cooking enormous amounts of food, me cleaning up the huge messes, and then we argue about what else—how to make decent stuffing. My mom …

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Nov 24

Momzinga Reviews: Rules For Household Staff; Downton Abbey


Wondering why the publisher sent a very small blue book about a TV show I do not watch, was a pondering question as I opened the slim package. After examining the Downton Abbey book, “Rules For Household Staff”, I was curious, interested and amazed. Rules For Household Staff is very upper crusty British sounding, but …

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Nov 21

GREED is Not Good:Dave Ramsey’s The Legacy Journey


THE LEGACY JOURNEY—- Dave Ramsey’s newest book, The Legacy Journey is what Dave does best–he imparts common sense, ethics, morals into a book about handling money. This is what Dave Ramsey has always been talking about. This time he just brings more of the Bible into the mix. GREED IS NOT GOOD— Legacy Journey is …

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Nov 18


hungarian goulash

TACO TUESDAY—GOULASH—– When I was a kid my mom made goulash. Back then it sounded immensely gross to me. YUCK! Now as an adult, I adore making and eating goulash. There is something so comforting, familiar and hearty about making and eating goulash. Make enough for one big meal for your hungry horde, or make …

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Nov 17

MANSLICE MONDAY: Captain America/Chris Evans


MANSLICE MONDAY—CONCEPT DESIGNED BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JOHNS Does Captain America make you feel proud to be an American? Captain America makes me want to meet Chris Evans in person and all I want to do is squeeze one of his arms. He looks soooo muscular, he just does me in. He can star in …

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Nov 17

Brooke Shields Tells All In There Was a Little Girl.


REVIEW WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Brooke Shield’s book, There was a Little Girl, is brutally honest, interesting, endearing, heart warming, scary, strange at times, weird, and at times dramatic. It’s a look at Brooke Shields life with her manager mom, Teri Shields and the controversy that surrounded them. Brooke Shields talks in an openly candid manner …

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Nov 13

THINKING THURSDAY: Moms Would You Pose Completely Naked on A Magazine Cover For Money?


THINKING THURSDAY—- WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Would you as a mom pose on the front of a well-known magazine for millions of dollars? If a well-known magazine like Vogue or Forbes asked you to pose completely naked for let’s say 5 million dollars would you do it? KIM KARDASHIAN’S NAKED BUTT—– After seeing Kim Kardashian’s naked …

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Nov 11

Time Saving Pasta Chicken Dinner:TACO TUESDAY!


Last night I made dinner. YAHOO! YAY! You see I do not like to cook. I find that when I cook, my family members start griping. My husband complains that there is no meat, and my kids would complain profusely how I made the same food all the time. Then guess who gets stuck doing …

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Nov 10

Mom Survives Near Death Experience: Clinically Dead for45 Minutes

no pulse

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA AND ASSOCIATED PRESS Somehow a mom that gave birth to a newborn baby girl came out of a near death experience, seemingly just fine. Despite not having a pulse for 45 minutes, she is alive, taking care of her baby, and is okay. WHAT HAPPENED—– 40-year-old Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro was set …

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Nov 10


sting 2

MANSLICE MONDAY—-WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS AKA MOMZINGA.COM Sting is the kind of guy who is often quoted as saying very blunt things such as how he and his wife, Trudie have enormous amounts of sex lasting for hours on end, and how he won’t give any of his money to his kids when he dies. …

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