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Oct 30

French Lifestyle Living with MADAME CHIC


REVIEW WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JONHS At Home With Madame Chic written by Jennifer L. Scott would make an awesome gift for a young mother for Christmas, her birthday or for Mother’s Day. CHIC can be read in one day, because it is broken down by small chapters of easy to follow, easy to …

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Oct 29



WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY —-INSPIRED BY A 14 YEAR OLD TEEN! Here’s an inspirational story that should make you feel like you can REALLY, TRULY do anything. A 14-year-old girl started a career of buying and fixing up old houses. She sells them for more money thus making money. 14 years old? Wow!! Can you imagine …

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Oct 28

TACO TUESDAY: Baked Rosemary Red Potatoes For Healthier Meals


You literally are doing your body a favor by eating vegetables. Eating fiber makes for a healthy digestive system, healthy digestion and a healthy colon.You need to eat water-soluble foods every day, drink plenty of water so that your body can digest food, carry the waste products out of your body in a fast method, …

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Oct 27



REVIEW WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM AKA KATE JOHNS Easy Street is a refreshing, honest memoir of Ron Perlman’s life. Reading Easy Street The Hard Way, you’ll discover that hard work, determination, believing in yourself, self-worth and staying the course are the keys to get what you REALLY want in life. That’s what I really loved about …

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Oct 27


bono 3

MANSLICE MONDAY—- I never thought Bono was a good looking, sexy guy, but what turned me on about Bono was his incredible enthusiasm, charisma, wit, and his general sense of being. Bono is a guy who can talk to anyone. When Bono sings on stage he literally seduces the audience. That’s what I found authentic …

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Oct 24

FINALLY FRIDAY: Eleven HILARIOUS Call In Sick Excuses!!


It’s FINALLY FRIDAY! 11 HILARIOUS CALL IN SICK EXCUSES YOU CAN USE NEXT WEEK WHEN YOU WANT A DAY OFF. They worked for somebody so you never know! Sounds like this should be a funny TV show. ELEVEN HILARIOUS CALL IN SICK EXCUSES: 1. I accidentally got on a plane. 2. I’m ovulating and I …

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Oct 23

MOMZINGA’S Ten Common Household Items, Now Obsolete!


What household items have become obsolete? People born today, will never use once common household products used for years. It’s like a part of history has come and gone, unnoticed by a younger generation. 1. Alarm clocks are becoming obsolete. Many people use cellphones to receive texts, weather updates, and current news as soon as …

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Oct 23

Empowering Women: 5 Ways To Make Life Better. Right Now!


THINKING THURSDAY— Empowering Women; that’s what is about. Thinking positively will guide you into naturally developing new more meaningful plans and you will invent a better life. FIVE WAYS TO MAKE LIFE BETTER: 1. Stay away from unhappy people online. I’ve noticed a lot of empowering moments in the five years I’ve been writing …

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Oct 22

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Dog Inherits 372 Million Dollars


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—– A lucky dog in Germany recently inherited 372 million dollars when his owner died, literally alone. Gunther IV a German Shepard was left 372 million dollars by his eccentric, German Countess several years ago. But he’s not the only super lucky pampered pet that received a huge amount of moola: A 94-year-old …

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Oct 21

TACO TUESDAY:Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food: DELICIOUS


TACO TUESDAY—- May I recommend Comfort Food: Weekend Cookbook by Jamie Oliver? Do you remember the good-looking British guy on Food Network who cooked up sumptuous-looking food filled with incredibly great food to eat? Watching his show on Food Network made you hungry. So will glancing at his new cookbook, Comfort Food. You really do …

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