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Sep 30

TACO TUESDAY:Grain Brain Turkey Breakfast Sausage

MOMZINGA’S TACO TUESDAY—-Conceptualized by MOMZINGA.COM. I grabbed this recipe from Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain cookbook which is a really good book. It’s better than the Grain Brain book which scared the crap out of me. He does include a much shorter less scary version of his book, Grain Brain. He tells you what foods to …

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Sep 29


derek-jeter 2

—-DEREK JETER—-MANSLICE MONDAY— Who else would I have as my Manslice Monday after he officially retired from the New York Yankees? Derek Jeter looked oh so casually happy to play baseball. I’m not just talking about this year, where he looked so relaxed and casual as he strode into first base. Deter acted like a …

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Sep 25

7 Reasons Why Teenagers BULLY Each Other!


Why do kids BULLY each other with so much so the ‘good kids’ end up crying, feeling bad, flunk classes and they mistreat their bodies? How many kids need to be bullied, committing suicide before the MEAN kids get it? Adults do not bang into each other, trip each other or make fun of the …

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Sep 24

Controversial Grain Brain Book: Why We Shouldn’t Eat Grains, or Any Carbs!


After reading Doctor David Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain, I decided to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet. I felt completely conflicted, and I felt scared that everything I’d been eating my entire life were the wrong foods. I also told my husband, “I’m doing all of the grocery shopping from now on. We’re not …

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Sep 23

TACO TUESDAY: UNGranola Breakfast/Snack Mix!


Eating healthy foods is a must to have a healthy body and a healthy brain. According to Dr. David Perlmutter, Grain Brain guru, he has me thinking about eating healthier foods, how eating too many carbs and grains ruins your brain, setting you up for early Alzheimer’s. Perusing his Grain Brain cookbook had me thinking …

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Sep 22

MANSLICE MONDAY: Patrick Swayze Danced His Way Into Our Hearts!

Road House (1989)

MANSLICE MONDAY—-PATRICK SWAYZE— MOMZINGA.COM Patrick Swayze could do it all. That’s why when he announced to the world in 2008 that he had pancreatic cancer, we thought Swayze was going to make it. He never complained, never showed any signs of weakness. Swayze was a man’s man, and a woman’s dream. Patrick Swayze was only …

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Sep 22

Lance Armstrong’s Teammate Tells ALL!

hincapie book cover

The Loyal Lieutenant written by George Hincapie, an American cyclist who worked as part of the team that helped Lance Armstong become a worldwide, wealthy winning cyclist tells what it is like to be on the front lines of a strong cycling team. He tells ALL! All the doping, steroid use, blood changing, cheating things …

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Sep 19

FINALLY FRIDAY:Find Your Inner Beach


FINALLY FRIDAY—-CONCEPTUALIZED BY MOMZINGA.COM Okay Moms, we all need to take time to relax. Dads you need to take time to relax unwind, to find your inner beach. I want to be perfectly clear here, I’m not talking about finding your inner bitch–because that’s easy; to yell at other people. I’m a former New Yorker …

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Sep 18

THINKING THURSDAY:Save $$$$ Money Using Self Control

big sale

THINKING THURSDAY— How do you save money in today’s world of an increasingly shrinking dollar? Self control, just saying no and not shopping when retail giants deem it is the next big sale. START SAVING NOW! Train yourself to not rush out to a store, or buy those new clothes online when those annoying, but …

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Sep 16

My Drunk Kitchen: Hannah Hart’s Book is Pure Fun!

Hannah Hart is so hilariously funny in this book that my depressed,cold here comes winter mood, quickly changed over to laughing out loud at home alone. That’s a writer’s life now isn’t it? Hannah Hart’s book, My Drunk Kitchen, A guide to eating, drinking and going with your gut, (not repeating that title again either), …

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