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Aug 28


long walk

MOST FASCINATING BOOK OF 2014— The Long Walk was written by a man doing a story of finding the Abominable Snowman for a newspaper in England. While doing research for the newspaper he discovered a Polish man who had been reported to have seen the Abominable Snowman in his travels through the Himalayan Mountains. Slavomir …

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Aug 28

THINKING THURSDAY:Babies Are Not Disposable!

MOMZINGA’S THINKING THURSDAY—- I’ve heard plenty of deplorable stories about young girls who do not tell anyone they are pregnant, give birth in a public bathroom and throw the baby away after giving birth. Then they act like nothing happened and continue living life. The newborn baby dies, and no one is held responsible. STOP …

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Aug 27

THE RUSH: Fascinating Look at Gold Rush of 1848


Remember reading history books, when you were in school? It was difficult, boring reading, we had to do to get decent grades.I was a geek and read my assigned nightly history reading—every night after dinner. Edward Dolnick may seem like a history geek, but that’s what makes The Rush so awesome. You can tell by …

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Aug 26 2014

Small Blessings

sm bles

Small Blessings takes a little while to get started, and may seem dull at first. But once it gets going, you will find yourself flipping pages at a seriously fast pace to find out what happens next. Small Blessings is entertaining, funny, interesting and filled with strong characters that stand out like great movie actors! …

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Aug 26


org rough

I am a voracious fish eater. I would rather eat fish for dinner any day than what goes for meat today. Besides most meat is so expensive, that buying and eating salmon, halibut, cod, and shrimp is less expensive than buying hamburger, steak, or chicken. TACO TUESDAY; ORANGE ROUGHY— INGREDIENTS: 2 cups bread crumbs. I …

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Aug 22

Heartwrenching Look At a Mother-Daughter Relationship: All We Had!


All We Had, written by Annie Weatherwax is a poignantly brilliant look into a mother-daughter relationship so strong it hurts. It is a strongly written, well described book so well written it literally commands your attention. All We Had is an accident waiting to happen kind of book. You know something bad is going to …

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Aug 20

WHAT Michael Jackson was Really Like


We all know Michael Jackson was a huge star, that he was loved and respected by millions of people, but what we don’t know is who Michael Jackson really was. Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard become Michael Jackson’s personal Las Vegas bodyguards. They tell the inside story of what Michael Jackson was really like, what …

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Aug 19



Power Play by Catherine Coulter had me mesmerized just by looking at the eye candy book cover. Oh yeah, and the book was good too. No, there wasn’t a half-naked, muscular guy on the cover drawing lust-filled women in. Although that would have helped sell more books. Catherine Coulter draws readers in with her exceptional …

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Aug 18

Hot, Dead Actors; Paul Walker: MANSLICE MONDAY


MANSLICE MONDAY— I’ve got to tell you I was never into action adventure movies where a good-looking guy drives a car performing unreal stunts that can’t possibly happen in real life. That is until I saw Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in The Fast and The Furious movies. Watching movies my husband loves, actually does …

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Aug 14

The Good Nurse Got Away With Murder! UNTIL….


THE GOOD NURSE BY CHARLES GRAEBER— The Good Nurse reads like a horror movie. In fact, this book could have been written by any horror/thriller master of today’s genre. But it’s not a horror movie. The Good Nurse is about a real life killer on a rampage of evil for 16 years. He wears all …

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