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Jul 31


cell phone

THINKING THURSDAY—TEXTING MORE IMPORTANT THAN TALKING!! Did you see that movie, called HER, about the guy who falls in love with his cellphone? Well, neither did I, but this is what is happening US. We are taking our cellphones everywhere we go—even into the shower, and to bed. Our cellphones have become our new best …

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Jul 30

The German Spy Who Loved MOMZINGA.COM!


DOUBLE AGENT BY PETER DUFFYREVIEWED BY MOMZINGA.COM! Peter Duffy’s Double Agent makes it seem like you are really there while this tale of real life espionage takes place. Double Agent had me thinking this seems like it could happen today right in front of our eyes on social media and none of us would really …

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Jul 29

Real Life Horror Story: Getting Life

getting life

GETTING LIFE BY MICHAEL MORTON— Getting Life is an intense experience of a book. Michael Morton’s wife was killed, his 3 year old son was taken away from him. He was wrongfully jailed for a whopping 25 years. And life was irrevocably changed. Morton somehow manages to distance himself from the hardened criminals in jail, …

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Jul 28

Addicted To Love: Robert Palmer: MANSLICE MONDAY


MANSLICE MONDAY—ROBERT PALMER— He may have been simply irresistible and addicted to love, but Robert Palmer died in a hotel room in Paris in 2003, at the age of 54. He may have had a bad attitude because he quit the Power Station as they were touring behind a hit album, with songs like; “Some …

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Jul 24

Best Book of 2014: WHAT IS VISIBLE


What is Visible is a work of endearing, compassionate, emotional turmoil. Kimberly Elkins gives readers witty, deeply moving insight into what Laura Bridgman’s world must have been like. Laura Bridgman lost four of her five senses at the age of two when Scarlett Fever raged through her tiny body. Almost killing her somehow the little …

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Jul 24

Thinking Thursday: Don’t worry, be Happy!!

For my Thinking Thursday feature, I was going to go deep end on you, creating a post that was super ultra serious. But I didn’t feel quite up to the task of being super serious. I brought it down a notch. My Thinking Thursday advice for you today is to enjoy the day. Enjoy your …

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Jul 23

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:Topless Thief Terrorizes Titilated Cop!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY— Cops were looking for a topless thief who stole merchandise from a San Gabriel Valley mall, in California. An Arcadia police officer responded to the Macy’s at the Westfield Santa Anita mall for a theft investigation, officials said. According to police, a 44-year-old Asian woman tried to steal merchandise by putting the …

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Jul 22

TACO TUESDAY: Summer Drinks Just For Adults!!


TACO TUESDAY—– YUMMY!! These two coolest adult beverages come from Emeril Lagasse. Considering it is sunny and 90 outside, I thought of drinking, which led to water, which led to thoughts of stopping work to sit outside in the sun by a pool, sipping these two delicious drinks: GREEN VODKA COOLERS—- 2 CUPS FRESH LIME …

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Jul 21

Hot, Dead Rockstars: Michael Hutchence


Kicking off a new series of Manslice Monday guys, are hot, dead rockstars. I always had a thing for this incredibly good-looking, sexy, but not tall guy from Down Under; Michael Hutchence. Michael Hutchence was one of the last great rock stars of the twentieth century. He was good-looking, moved on stage like he owned …

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Jul 14


lil b

Haatchi and little b by Wendy Holden is a tearjerker, inspiring, true life story of two kindred spirits that find each other in a cruel twist of fate, and fall instantly in love. It’s like they were made for each other. It’s an incredible story. It’s a sad story. Haatchi and Little b is a …

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