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Jun 30

Momzinga’sMANSLICE MONDAY: Cristiano Ronaldo


MANSLICE MONDAY—— I’ve got to tell you I do not think Cristiano Ronaldo is cute at all. My husband said numerous women online and at his job were talking about Cristiano Ronaldo in gushing terms. However, I am not gushing about Ronaldo. With the World Cup Soccer games going on for a few more weeks,I’m …

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Jun 26

Stephen King Captures Your Inner Soul With Mr. Mercedes.


Mr. Mercedes is more than simply a good read, it is more than a can’t put down read. Mr. Mercedes is a you will remember this book long after you read it. King is the undisputable master of horror writing. He always has been, and he always will be. Stephen King does something no one …

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Jun 24

Delicious Gourmet Grilled Steak and Vegetable Salad: TACO TUESDAY

steak salad

TACO TUESDAY—- GRILLED Gourmet STEAK AND SUMMER VEGGIES Grilling food in the summertime is where it’s at. What could be better about a beautiful summer day, than cooking out on the grill with steak and summer veggies? This week’s Taco Tuesday recipe is steak and salad, which includes squash and zucchini. Add grilled bruschetta with …

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Jun 23

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: David Beckham


David Beckham was incredibly cute when he was younger. Now at 41, he is looking a little rough around the edges! Beckham was a major hottie back in the 1990’s when he was playing soccer at his incredible best. Beckham was paid millions to run up and down the soccer field. Beckham helped bring soccer …

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Jun 21

TINY HOUSES:THE BIG TINY: Build a Tiny House To Live In!

big tiny

The Big Tiny Is a refreshing, interesting, truthful, funny, completely different book. Dee William’s book The Big Tiny is so honestly written. I noticed a certain voice she had throughout the entire book. It wasn’t written in a jaded, I know everything kind of perspective. Williams wrote from the perspective of a person who almost …

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Jun 19

THINKING THURSDAY: Great Games For Your Kids To Become Smarter!!


THINKING THURSDAY—- What do you do with the kids for an entire summer besides send them to day camp, take them to the zoo, the beach and go swimming? On rainy, cool summer days you have to find something to do and fast, before your kids drive you over the edge. My suggestion, create thinking …

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Jun 19

Sixth Grave on the Edge:SEXY BOOK!!


Sixth Grave on The Edge by Darynda Jones is a must read for every busy mom. You have to read this book. I’m actually having a hard time writing this review because so many adjectives are literally spilling out of my head. Do you know how hard it is to write when you have adjectives …

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Jun 18

Can’t Put Phantom of 5th Avenue Down

phantom of 5th

The Phantom of Fifth Avenue by Meryl Gordon starts out rather droll and sounding like a gossipy piece of tabloid fodder with descriptions of heiress Huguette Clark’s numerous relatives. Get past the bickering first few pages, and you will find an amazingly stunning book that you will literally have a difficult time putting down. I …

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Jun 18

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Comedian Kevin Hart To Star in Stupid Robber Movie–He Should Anyways!

bank robber

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—— If you don’t succeed, try, try again. A New York City man took this to heart on Saturday when he robbed, okay make that tried to rob five, count them five banks. This has to be a plot for a really funny movie, starring comedian Kevin Hart. ROB, ROB AGAIN— He went …

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Jun 17


06.17.14 dylan-the-biography-by-dennis-mcdougal

DYLAN, by Dennis McDougal is kind of like reading a huge textbook that is heavy, hard to hold, and contains everything you didn’t want to really know about Bob Dylan. Really it is like reading the Bible of Bob Dylan. Dylan, tells everything about Dylan. I didn’t like Dylan before and now I really don’t …

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