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Feb 28



FINALLY FRIDAY—-DESIGNED BY MOMZINGA.COM Time to celebrate!! It’s Finally Friday Everybody!! It’s time to let loose have some fun, and allow your inner child to do what it wants. For Momzinga that means turning on some dance tunes I adore, dance around the house and enjoy the day. IT’S A CELEBRATION! Whether you are planning …

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Feb 25

Nasty, Scary Book: INNOCENT SLEEP!


INNOCENT SLEEP—REVIEWED BY MOMZINGA.COM Innocent Sleep is every parent’s dire nightmare that enfolds right in front of the father. I loved the idea, was thrilled at the prospect of reading it, but what bothered me was the writing style. I really do not want to upset anyone, but the book was written in a storytelling, …

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Feb 24



MANSLICE MONDAY—-WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM When Eric Bana starred in the movie Munich, I fell in love with him, or is that in lust? What did it for me was how Bana and his hired men are sent a world away from their families for a long time to find the men who killed part of …

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Feb 21

Momzinga’s Finally Friday is Happy From Pharrel Williams!!


FINALLY FRIDAY—WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM It’s Finally Friday MOMS!! I believe every day is another day God has gifted us with living life to the umpteenth degree. Fridays are usually my best day of work. My mind suddenly relaxes as well as my body suddenly feels like I exhaled a breath savoring a fine glass of …

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Feb 19

Momzinga’s Weird News Wednesday: Protect Kids By Buying All The Indecent Clothing

pac sun t

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: A Salt Lake City mom became upset over seeing what she deemed as “indecent t-shirts” in the display window of a Pac-Sun store in Salt Lake City Utah. She asked the store manager to take the shirts down and was told no. So Judy Cox, bought all 19 ‘indecent t-shirts’, for 28 …

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Feb 18

Momzinga’s Third Manslice Monday: Daniel Craig!

MANSLICE MONDAY—WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Something has to be said about a man wearing a suit. Whenever I see the very British sexy Bond, Daniel Craig, I suddenly feel my knees getting weak. Daniel Craig is an incredibly good looking guy whether he has a suit on or whether he has slipped out of it, to …

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Feb 14

Momzinga’sTaco Tuesday: Mayim Bialik’s Vegan Mac N’ Cheese Recipe


TACO TUESDAY—-WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik recently wrote, Mayim’s Vegan Table, filled with great info about becoming vegan enriching us with her incredible knowledge, including several awesomely healthy alternative recipes. I looked at her book while I was hungry thinking of delicious sugary mixtures, instead coming away with a healthier alternative …

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Feb 14



FINALLY FRIDAY—WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM, AKA KATE JOHNS A local radio station in the late 1970’s had an original feature, that probably was done all over America, the afternoon disc jockey, did a primal scream live on the air.I waited for this every Friday at 5. It was a time when most people’s jobs, ended on …

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Feb 11

Answers to Buying Your Teens Expensive Designer Clothes


WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Would you buy designer clothes for your teen knowing she will grow out of them in three months? I count anything as being expensive that is over 20 bucks because kids, preteens and teens will grow out of them in a matter of months. I can afford to buy my 22-year-old son …

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Feb 11

Momzinga’s Second Manslice Monday is Johnny Depp


MANSLICE MONDAY—WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Johnny Depp, the man who made Captain Jack Sparrow a funny, likeable, sexy captain, is Momzinga’s second Manslice Monday! We can all dream can’t we? Johnny Depp, who is 51 years old, starred in many movies over his illustrious acting career including 21 Jump Street,(1987), Edward Scissorshands in 1990, and as …

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