Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 31


FINALLY FRIDAY—WRITTEN AND CONCEPTUALIZED BY MOMZINGA.COM It’s finally Friday! This is the day we all have been looking forward to. Friday is still the most anticipated day of the week. Friday is the day to relax, let off some steam and party down. In my younger days, I went out almost every Friday to go …

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Jan 30

Famous Moms And Their Careers: Candace Cameron Bure


Candace Cameron Bure is not Madonna famous, because she is not an an attention seeking Ho, like Madonna is. Candace Cameron Bure is an actress, mother of 3 kids, producer, and author. Candace Cameron Bure played D. J. Tanner on Full House, a TV show in America about the father of seemingly twelve kids, when …

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Jan 28

Momzinga’sTACO TUESDAY: Chicken Soup slow Cooker Recipe!

Soup Chic Noodle

TACO TUESDAY— Welcome to Taco Tuesday. I’m starting off with a delicious chicken soup recipe my husband created. He calls himself the Rock and Roll Chef, because he listens to music he loves while he cooks. He loves to cook, and I love his food made from his heart. Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Soup 2 …

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Jan 15

Be Happier With Your Life!

WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA/COM Every mom wants to become successful. Almost everyone wants to make tons of money, otherwise we wouldn’t enter lottery drawings. We moms, want our kids to become successful. I am on a personal journey to success. I thought hard work would get me what I wanted in life. But, really hard work …

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