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May 13

BEST BUSINESS/LIFESTYLE BOOK OF 2016: Find Your Extraordinary (What Are You Passionate About?)


FIND YOUR EXTRAORDINARY BY JESSICA DILULLO HERRIN, the CEO of Stella and Dot is the most passionate, enthusiastic business book I’ve ever read. I have read about 25 business books, happiness book, how to start a business how to become successful books in the last three years and almost every book is dull, downright boring. …

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May 02

What The Hell Happened? Scottoline’s Most Wanted Falls Short

MOST WANTED BY LISA SCOTTOLINE—- What happened? What happened to Lisa Scottoline’s brilliantly charming, adventurous writing style concerning intelligent women who are the masters of their own domains? Lisa Scottoline’s latest misadventure Most Wanted is all over the map. Most Wanted is quite simply good, bad and unreal. The characters seemed like soap opera characters …

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Mar 14

Read a Piece of History With The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder!

selected letters

THE SELECTED LETTERS OF LAURA INGALLS WILDER BY WILLIAM ANDERSON— READ A PIECE OF HISTORY— Reading The Selected Letters from Laura Ingalls Wilder is reading a piece of history. Buying Selected Letters is like owning a piece of history! It’s a fascinating , enriching, interesting, inviting, a beautiful experience! What impressed me is how Laura …

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Mar 11

Smarter, THINNER, Happier: How to Become Pretty Happy, AND SEXIER TOO!!


PRETTY HAPPY BY KATE HUDSON— Even though Pretty Happy is not a tell all bio, Hudson does tell all–she tells us how to become happy with our bodies and how to make our entire bodies, including our minds better. So I guess we can say , this is a tell -all book. She’s literally telling …

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Nov 04

Open Up Your Mind, Get Great Life Advice From Amber Rose: How To be a Bad Bitch!!

How to Be a Bad Bitch By Amber Rose was a major eye opener for me. I’ve seen Amber Rose appearing at various awards shows with different guys almost always dressed in an eye opening outfit where she is revealing more butt and breasts than Miley Cyrus ever could hope to have. Bad Bitch is …

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Oct 26

Patti Smith:Best Songwriter of Our Time Wrote This Weird Book!

patti smith

M Train is a weird book written by Patti Smith. It’s a look into famous singer/songwriter’s head; her private life. Smith tells numerous stories about her life, that don’t make sense and at the same time they do make sense, because, well-ummmm—let’s face it Patti Smith is a weird songwriting maven who wrote hit songs …

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Oct 14

A Story of Strength and Courage From Ann Romney


In This Together: My Story by Ann Romney is a story of courage, hope, love, inner strength, confidence, maturity; everything that we Americans want and need from a successful first lady, and a successful American President. Ann Romney has been through hell and back but never ever let anything keep her down. I have to …

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Sep 17

Women Are Smarter Than Men!!


Sisters In Law is an in depth venture into the professional lives of two women who became the first female Supreme Court Justices in a time when women were only allowed to be secretaries. Intelligent women weren’t groomed to be partners in a law firm, only men were. Before the 1960’s–women went to high school, …

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Sep 01

The Woman Who Stole My Life: Not What You Think it Really Is—-It’s Better!

women who stole

THE WOMAN WHO STOLE MY LIFE—- I thought The Woman Who Stole My Life was going to be a get back at that bitch kind of book for stealing my house, my husband and my kids. I thought it was going to be a movie-like kind of thriller, but it is not this kind of …

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Aug 13

Do It Your Way and Be Successful—The Sweet Life Proves It!!


Dulce Candy Ruiz is living proof that anyone, yes I mean anyone living in America today can become a successful business owner. Hard work, self belief, research, working long hours, determination and anyone can become a success story. I love how Ruiz is a petite passion-filled powerhouse dynamo that literally does what most people could …

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