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May 12


DON’T CALL ME CAILTYN!!— After Kate Middleton married Prince William I noticed a sudden spike in parents naming their daughters Kate. (Hey that’s my name, get your own name!) But in this year of 2017, parents are deciding in droves to NOT name their daughters Caitlyn. Could that have anything to do with the celebrity …

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May 04


THINKING THURSDAY—–WHAT DOES 13TH LETTER OF ALPHABET HAVE TO DO WITH THE PRESIDENT? The Liberal media has gotten so out of hand desperately trying to make something out of nothing. CNN, MSNBC,YAHOO, HUFF PO, THE NEW YORK TIMES, etc all are making stuff up remotely related to Trump. Considering that Trump is holding to his …

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Apr 27

SHATTERED: An Inside Look Into Why Hillary Clinton Lost the 2016 Presidential Election

SHATTERED:INSIDE HILLARY CLINTON’S DOOMED CAMPAIGN BY JONATHAN ALLEN AND AMIE PARNES— Shattered literally takes readers into Hillary Clinton’s behind the scenes world of plotting, planning an unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2016. It truly seems as if the two writers were in the middle of the campaign working alongside Aberdin and many other …

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Nov 07

MANSLICE MONDAY:ASHTON KUTCHER: Watch Kutcher on Netflix on The Ranch and That 70’s Show

Beyond compare Ashton Kutcher has been gifted with good looks, talent a sense of humor, determination, and success heaped upon him in many forms. He always gets the gorgeous woman; two of whom married him. His first wife, Demi Moore, married Kutcher in 2004, after she left Bruce Willis for a much younger Kutcher. He …

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Sep 29



ELEANOR AND HICK WRITTEN BY SUSAN QUINN— The story of Eleanor Roosevelt, her polio-ridden presidential husband and her live in lover, at first kind of grossed me out. But as I read on, I discovered many wonderful, extraordinary things about Eleanor Roosevelt. As the title of the book states, “Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair …

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Jul 20

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Trump Refuses to Fire Melania’s Plagarizing Speechwriter!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY–TRUMP REFUSES TO FIRE MELANIA’S PLARGARIZING SPEECH WRITER, FOR NOW!! The speechwriter who wrote the plagiarized speech , taken from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech(one paragraph as far as Momzinga knows)—at this time, gets to keep her job for another day or two. I’m certain Trump and his employees have their hands seriously busy …

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Jun 01

Vegas Diaries: Former Girl Next Door Holly Madison’s Personal Journey to Success

VEGAS DIARIES BY HOLLY MADISON—–Holly Madison grows up! Vegas Diaries is a complete departure from Holly Madison’s first book, Down the Rabbit Hole. It is not filled with glitzy, revealing, reality TV show sneak peaks into what really happened at the Playboy Mansion. Although she does tell about sexy moments, sexy clothing. Vegas Diaries is …

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May 13

BEST BUSINESS/LIFESTYLE BOOK OF 2016: Find Your Extraordinary (What Are You Passionate About?)


FIND YOUR EXTRAORDINARY BY JESSICA DILULLO HERRIN, the CEO of Stella and Dot is the most passionate, enthusiastic business book I’ve ever read. I have read about 25 business books, happiness book, how to start a business how to become successful books in the last three years and almost every book is dull, downright boring. …

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May 02

What The Hell Happened? Scottoline’s Most Wanted Falls Short

MOST WANTED BY LISA SCOTTOLINE—- What happened? What happened to Lisa Scottoline’s brilliantly charming, adventurous writing style concerning intelligent women who are the masters of their own domains? Lisa Scottoline’s latest misadventure Most Wanted is all over the map. Most Wanted is quite simply good, bad and unreal. The characters seemed like soap opera characters …

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Mar 14

Read a Piece of History With The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder!

selected letters

THE SELECTED LETTERS OF LAURA INGALLS WILDER BY WILLIAM ANDERSON— READ A PIECE OF HISTORY— Reading The Selected Letters from Laura Ingalls Wilder is reading a piece of history. Buying Selected Letters is like owning a piece of history! It’s a fascinating , enriching, interesting, inviting, a beautiful experience! What impressed me is how Laura …

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