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May 12

Looking For Healthy Solutions? You Just Found It Right Here—The Suja Juice Solution

suja juice

I’ve read, and reviewed about 10 maybe 15 books this year on becoming healthier. This is the one book I have found so far this year, that has what you REALLY need to become healthier—-The Suja Juice Solution. I read the Food Babe’s Way, The Gene Therapy Plan and other books that had me shaking …

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Mar 21

Food Porn, And So Much More: It Was Me All Along

it was me

IT WAS ME ALL ALONG—–REVIEW BY MOMZINGA.COM WARNING!!It Was Me all along should come with a WARNING LABEL attached saying: ‘WARNING do not read late at night because you will become incredibly hungry!’ You may wake up the next morning a dishelved mess, with chocolate frosting all over your face—and no memory of how it …

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Mar 11

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Stop Body Shaming HOT Pregnant Model!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAYWRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Why are you BODY SHAMING the hot lingerie model who is 8 months pregnant? I’m thinking it’s because you are jealous. Sarah Stage looks, hot, sexy and healthy in her pictures posted on Instagram. I wish I had looked that sexy, with a small baby bump and big breasts when …

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Mar 02

The Food Babe Way: This Book Will Scare the CRAP Out of You!

food babe

THE FOOD BABE WAY — The Food Babe Way starts out by introducing us to numerous scary chemicals we are consuming every day by eating fast food, junk foods, and what we thought were healthy foods. Chemicals, used in yoga mats, tertiary butylhdroquqinone, which is created from butane was found in Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Other scary …

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Jan 13

TACO TUESDAY: Take the Challenge–Vow to Eat Healthier Foods!


VOW TO EAT HEALTHY FOODS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY! When the cold settles in, gray days abound, ice and snow become the norm, our bodies start craving fattening foods. Our bodies and our minds start wanting to store up fat just in case we need the extra calories. Just in case we get …

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Oct 28

TACO TUESDAY: Baked Rosemary Red Potatoes For Healthier Meals


You literally are doing your body a favor by eating vegetables. Eating fiber makes for a healthy digestive system, healthy digestion and a healthy colon.You need to eat water-soluble foods every day, drink plenty of water so that your body can digest food, carry the waste products out of your body in a fast method, …

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Oct 15

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY;Birthday Cakes Banned at School!

birthday cake ban

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—- An Ohio school has banned birthday cake, brownies, birthday snacks and all non-essential food from making an appearance at an elementary school. Seems a Burlington, Ohio elementary school wants to keep its federal funding. Therefore, the PTA and school officials decided to ban all treats, food that is not made for student …

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Sep 24

Controversial Grain Brain Book: Why We Shouldn’t Eat Grains, or Any Carbs!


After reading Doctor David Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain, I decided to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet. I felt completely conflicted, and I felt scared that everything I’d been eating my entire life were the wrong foods. I also told my husband, “I’m doing all of the grocery shopping from now on. We’re not …

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Sep 23

TACO TUESDAY: UNGranola Breakfast/Snack Mix!


Eating healthy foods is a must to have a healthy body and a healthy brain. According to Dr. David Perlmutter, Grain Brain guru, he has me thinking about eating healthier foods, how eating too many carbs and grains ruins your brain, setting you up for early Alzheimer’s. Perusing his Grain Brain cookbook had me thinking …

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Jun 09

Jenny Mc Carthy Knows How To Stir The Pot!

stir pot

STIR THE POT BY JENNY MCCARTHY— Opinion, check; humor, check; celebrity status, check; not taking life seriously, check. Hey, guess what? It’s another book by Jenny McCarthy (co-host of The View). Stirring The Pot is a super fast, short book. At times Stirring The Pot is funny, other times Jenny sounds cynical, rude, and even …

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